Wellness Journey Update: Kick It Up With Refit

Back in January I shared my plans for my weight loss journey I will be honest, to begin with I was going really strong. We stayed very consistent with our diet and following the DDPY workout plan. I was feeling better, I had more energy, and overall things were going great. And then we hit the… Continue reading Wellness Journey Update: Kick It Up With Refit


Fitness Friday:Housewalking and Fitness Trackers

 There has been a post floating around Facebook lately that talks about a woman's plan to get in her daily recommended number of steps by simply walking around her house. While she is folding the laundry, chatting on the phone, or simply watching T.V. she is walking (even if it is just in place).While "walking… Continue reading Fitness Friday:Housewalking and Fitness Trackers


"Living and Active" Fitness Challenge

A few days ago, thanks to a blog that I have been following for about a year now, I was lead to another blog called Peak313. The reason I was curious to check it out was because of a challenge that the author of the blog is doing.Its called the "Living and Active" Challenge. The… Continue reading "Living and Active" Fitness Challenge