Wellness Journey Update: Kick It Up With Refit

Weightloss Update

Back in January I shared my plans for my weight loss journey I will be honest, to begin with I was going really strong. We stayed very consistent with our diet and following the DDPY workout plan. I was feeling better, I had more energy, and overall things were going great.

And then we hit the end of our 40 day Daniel Fast Journey. While we had REALLY good intentions of staying on that train and making it more of a lifestyle. However, when you have Valentines day and 2 birthdays all within 2 weeks of each other you tend to cheat a little and go off the rails. We made plans to get back on track in March but…

Then Covid-19 entered the United States way of life and well, things just cratered. If you have followed my journey at all you will that know that for most of March I was not ok. I was depressed, angry, frustrated, and overall just not in a great head space. To be honest, we are lucky that any of us survived those 2.5 weeks. They were ugly.

April rolled around and with it came acceptance. I had finally gotten through the mourning process of accepting what was going on and I was able to start seeing how this new way of living could be beneficial. Enter Refit Revolution.

I knew of Refit Revolution through their YouTube channel. They are a dance based cardio workout program located and headquartered in Waco, Texas. Due to the Covid shut downs the founders and those working on the HQ team came together and made the decision to offer new members to their “On Demand” streaming platform 30 days of Refit On Demand workouts FOR FREE. This meant access to live workouts streamed a couple times a day as well as archived workouts available anytime I was. It was (and still is) heaven. I love the variety of music used and they also have a similar program by the name of Rev and Flow which is a more high intensity, low impact form of workout using light weight resistance and incorporating floor work. These are designed more to work build strength and flexibility.

I paired the Refit/Rev and Flow with the DDPY and over the course of April I managed to loose almost 10 pounds. I was eating better, being more intentional with my time and just really finding a place of peace with the current world situations. May rolled around and while I was still working out regularly, I was not eating as well as I should have been. We also found ourselves working to navigate reopening businesses and the church. Pair that with stress from a number of outside sources and May was just not the best month in terms of my health journey. I didn’t lose a single pound but on the other hand I didn’t really gain any either.

KIUThen Refit announced that they would be offering a brand spankin’ new challenge. Introducing the ‘Kick It Up’ Refit Revolution Challenge. This is a 30 day challenge with the goal to move your body, maximize your workout, and magnify your purpose. Daily workouts sent directly to your e-mail and posted on the private Facebook group, a well thought out fuel guide with menu suggestions and recipes, and weekly coaching on the Facebook group. You really can’t ask for more.

Adding that with the weekly fun challenges that several of my friends and I have been participating in via Fitbit and I am being sure to move my body in very intentional ways each day. The biggest challenge for me comes from what I put in my body. I have grand intentions of what and how I am going to eat and then as soon as an event (birthday, anniversary, any other type of celebration or large get together) or something stressful comes up in my life I find myself making all the excuses for why it is ok to just give a little here and there. Before I know it I am downing an entire thin crust mushroom and spinach pizza all by myself. So while I am very grateful for the workouts and ability to move my body, this month big focus is on what I am going to be eating.

So here we are, June 16th. Day 2 of this 30 day challenge and I am ready to go.

I am starting out this month’s journey with the following stats:

  • Weight: 242
  • Chest: 41″
  • Waist 37″
  • Hips: 50″
  • Right Thigh: 23″
  • Left Thigh: 23″
  • Right Calf: 18″
  • Left Calf: 18.5″
  • Right arm: 14″
  • Left arm: 14.5″

I plan to be sharing more about the daily workouts as well as what I am fueling my body with throughout the 30 days so if you are interested in any of that head on over and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. And check back in the middle of July to see how I did during the 30 day Kick It Up with Refit Challenge.

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