Word for the Year

Choosing My Word for 2023

As I sit here typing this out we are just under one month away from my 37th birthday....wait...hold on....37? No 36? 2023-1986=37 Ok, yeah. As I sit here typing this out we are just one month and 3 days away from my 37th birthday and I am still trying to work out what exactly my… Continue reading Choosing My Word for 2023


My Top 5 Books of 2022

My Goodreads goal for last year was set at 52 books, one book a week. I managed to come in just under that number but several of thew were quite lengthy (I'm talking 800+ pages) so I'm still calling it a successful year in reading. As I spent time scrolling through my Goodreads "Year in Books" review I was pleased to see the variety of reading I had done and I'll be honest when I say that it was quite a challenge to choose my top 5 books for the year but I did it so here we go.

Replant Reality

Replant Reality: A Replant Pastor Wife’s Perspective for 2023

I love the idea of looking up and realizing how much growth and beauty has taken place through no power of our own but on through the miraculous work of God. Sure, we have to put our feet to the pavement and dig in but it is only through God that this replant process will truly be successful. And that is my prayer for 2023.


When Mistakes Are Made

Over the course of my time as a homemaker I have really tried to lean into the idea that I as the mom am the one that more often than not will be the one that sets the tone in my home. That means when things like what happened on Saturday rather than allowing the anger and frustration ruin an opportunity to be loving and understanding I was able to use the situation to help make things calm and resolve the problem peacefully. Here are a few things to think about when things sometimes go wrong.

Replant Reality

Replant Reality: A Replant Pastor Wife’s Perspective Part 2

If you sit down with almost any pastor’s wife and ask her what one of the first questions she was asked was when she and her husband went to a church in view of a call to pastor the answer will probably be something along the lines of whether or not she could play the piano or organ, when she planned to begin leading the weekly women’s Bible study, or what her vision for the children’s ministry department happened to be. It is almost always assumed that when a pastor accepts the call to become the new pastor of a church that his wife will be active in some way within the ministry, a two for one deal of sorts. And that is probably true to some extent, however, what that role looks like may not be what the members of the church are expecting.


2022-2023 Homeschool Mom Professional Development

It is also no secret that I love to read. There is something about the fall season that encourages you to slow down and that is what is required for reading well. Normally I am just reading whatever strikes my fancy but this year I made the decision that while I am going to continue to read the fun non-fiction (brain candy) type books, I am also going to focus on my own Homeschool Mom Professional Development.


Mars Hall Weekly Round Up: Week 3

Happy Week 3 friends! Introducing Pre-K2 Each week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I get the joy of being able to help care for my 2 year old nephew while his big sister is her for the school day. One of the things that used to happen was that he and Madilynn would hang out… Continue reading Mars Hall Weekly Round Up: Week 3


The Illusion of “Doing It All”

Anyone who knows me and my family knows that we are busy people. Between schooling the kids, household management, church work, associational work, running small businesses, and all the other extra add ins we are just alwasy going and doing. I often hear from people that they have no idea how I "do it all" so today I'm going to let you in on my little secret.