What’s Next

She believed she could...so she did. Ok...lets be really honest here. More often than not over the course of the last 5 years there were a lot of other people who believed I could WAY more than I believed I could....so I did. However, there were those rare moments...often times late at night after submitting… Continue reading What’s Next


Spring 2015

It's that time again. School will be starting up in just one week. This semester I will be taking New Testament II, Biblical Theology of Womanhood II and The Christian Home. I am really excited about the courses I am signed up for this semester because they will all be focusing on my favorite parts… Continue reading Spring 2015


The End of Step One and Summer Plans

Five days after moving to Fort Worth I attended my very first student wives organization meeting. It was where I fist started meeting other women here on campus.It was also there that I learned about the Seminary Studies for Student Wives classes that were offered. The first class is freely offered to all student wives.… Continue reading The End of Step One and Summer Plans