What’s Next

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She believed she could…so she did.

Ok…lets be really honest here. More often than not over the course of the last 5 years there were a lot of other people who believed I could WAY more than I believed I could….so I did. However, there were those rare moments…often times late at night after submitting an assignment or when the grades would finally be posted for the semester that I would truly believe that I could accomplish this thing.

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My mom..one of the many people who believed I could.

And then when August rolled around I sat staring at my computer as I hit “SUBMIT” on my graduation application things began to feel all to real. I won’t lie, the last semester, the one I REALLY wanted to love and enjoy was probably one of my hardest. Not so much in terms of the actual educational side of things but just because all of 2018 has just been hard. It just really seemed to all come to a head during the final months of the year.

But all in all…I did. I finished the required classes (an many that weren’t required), I checked off all the boxes, and on December 14, 2018 I walked across what seemed like on of the LONGEST stages I have ever been on and was handed my diploma. And just like that 5 years of paper reading, paper writing, lecture notes, late nights, early mornings, and everything else in between came to an end.

Image may contain: Dusty Marshall and Elizabeth Marshall, people smiling, people standing
Can you tell it was stupid cold outside that day?

So with every end comes a series of conversations with anyone that happens to cross your path. they always seem to go the same way. People express congratulations on your achievement and share just how proud of you they really are and how they just knew you could do it. And then the true purpose behind the conversation….”What are you going to do next?”

What’s next? Can I just tell you that over the course of the last few weeks I have come to really fear those words…because the truth of the matter is…I just don’t really know. I am not entirely sure what God has in store for me now that I have completed this leg of the journey. But here is what I do know:

  1. I have been blessed with the opportunity to continue working on campus for what is considered close to full time in a position that I truly love and enjoy. I also don’t have to budge on mine or Dusty’s convictions about how we are going to educate our children because my job is VERY home-school friendly.
  2. Dusty is still in school. The program that he is enrolled in requires about 30 more credit hours than mine did so he still has a ways to go before completing his degree. This means that we will be hanging around Fort Worth for a little big longer.
  3. I am going to READ!! I am going to read all the books that have been sitting on my shelf just waiting for me to crack them open. I might even re-read some that I had for classes and actually try to read them for the pleasure of the message they are trying to get across and not with the intent on critiquing them. I will be participating in the reading challenge hosted by blogger Jami Balmet from http://www.youngwifesguide.com with the hopes of getting through all the books this year (26!).
  4. I am going to spend time enjoying my kids. The day I submitted my final paper my 2 big kids gave me the biggest hug and one even said to me, “Yay, does this mean you can spend time with us now?” So that is exactly what I plan on doing. Sure I will be working and they will be home with dad a bit more than mom BUT my evenings and weekends get to be all about them for a while.
  5. I am hoping to write more.  What that is going to look like, I really don’t know, but if anyone has any suggestions or things they would like to see feel free to let me know.

So there it is. My “What’s Next” as I move into this new season of life. 2018 was a long rough year and I am really looking forward to moving in to a new season and a new year!

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