Blogmas 2019

Starting A New (Not So New) Journey

It always amazes me to see how God chooses to work. When we left Texas and Southwestern Seminary the plan was to settle in, put our heads down and just simply focus on getting Dusty through a new semester at a new school. We even looked forward to the opportunity to become a part of… Continue reading Starting A New (Not So New) Journey

Blogmas 2019

Would You Rather-Chirstmas Edition

Happy Monday! It's time to dive head first back into the holiday theme for today's blogmas post. While I was in the process of trying to lay out my themes and topics for the month I stumbled across this fun little "Would You Rather" quiz and I just thought it would be fun to work… Continue reading Would You Rather-Chirstmas Edition

Blogmas 2019

My Favorite Holiday Treats

It is no secret that I have a HUGE sweet tooth. From Halloween to Valentines day I think I consume more treats than I do any form of nutritious food. I am fully aware that this is not the healthiest way to survive but sometimes you just gotta indulge in life. Christmas is a season… Continue reading My Favorite Holiday Treats

Blogmas 2019, Homeschool

Home-School Field Trip: Our Trip to the Space History Museum

Happy Blogmas day 6! Can you believe we are already almost through the first full week of December? It seems like just yesterday we were smack dab in the middle of summer. And now here we are just a mere few days away from the official start of winter and winding down the end of… Continue reading Home-School Field Trip: Our Trip to the Space History Museum