Activity Advent Calendar Week 1

I have ALWAYS loved advent calendars. When I was a kid growing up my mom always got us one of those ones that you opened the little doors on and there was usually a small chocolate candy inside. Growing up there were 7 kids in one house so that meant we each got to open… Continue reading Activity Advent Calendar Week 1

Blogmas 2019

My Favorite Holiday Treats

It is no secret that I have a HUGE sweet tooth. From Halloween to Valentines day I think I consume more treats than I do any form of nutritious food. I am fully aware that this is not the healthiest way to survive but sometimes you just gotta indulge in life. Christmas is a season… Continue reading My Favorite Holiday Treats

Blogmas 2019

My Favorite Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is often marked by the traditions that families create. I don't know of anyone that hasn't developed at least one tradition to go along with each holiday. When Dusty and I got married we spent a lot of time talking about the different traditions that we had as we grew up. Things… Continue reading My Favorite Holiday Traditions