My Newest Love/Hate Relationship With Homeschool Resources

Hi friends!Ok so a couple weeks ago I know I jumped on here and I made this big post about how I was going to get back to blogging and learn to be more consistent, and...insert all the empty promises here. Have we figured out that as much as I want to be that person… Continue reading My Newest Love/Hate Relationship With Homeschool Resources

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Goals and Things for 2021

Photo by STIL on Unsplash Hey! Happy Monday. Sorry I fell off the map at the end of my blogmas journey but when you make a decision to an entirely DIY Christmas on Thanksgiving you tend to spend a lot of time you hadn't planned on spending behind the sewing machine the week leading up… Continue reading Goals and Things for 2021


Activity Advent Calendar Week 1

I have ALWAYS loved advent calendars. When I was a kid growing up my mom always got us one of those ones that you opened the little doors on and there was usually a small chocolate candy inside. Growing up there were 7 kids in one house so that meant we each got to open… Continue reading Activity Advent Calendar Week 1


Homeschooling: Schedule Vs. Routine

School will be going back in session very soon. For some families school has already gone back. While the country is still dealing with all the current effects of COVID-19, political unrest, cultural divisions, and economic uncertainty one thing remains the same: the world is still spinning and time is still moving forward. Children still… Continue reading Homeschooling: Schedule Vs. Routine


What to Consider when Considering Homeschooling Your Kids

Home School Public School Private School University Model School One of the fantastic freedoms we here in America have it the ability to choose how our children receive their education. For most families with kids school is coming to a close. In years past this is the time that parents would be focusing on summer… Continue reading What to Consider when Considering Homeschooling Your Kids


Mars Hall Legacy Academy: Moving On Up

  One of the very best things about homeschooling is the ability to set our own schedules. We can take breaks when we like, we choose the hours in the day that we work, and we decide when enough is enough or when we need to challenge ourselves a little bit more. Due to our… Continue reading Mars Hall Legacy Academy: Moving On Up

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Debunking 4 Homeschool Myths

Everytime we are out and about during what is considered the typical school times and school days we tend to become engaged in several different types of conversations. When people see my kids out and about they usually get asked if they are enjoying their day off of school. Once people find out we are… Continue reading Debunking 4 Homeschool Myths

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Home-School Field Trip: Our Trip to the Space History Museum

Happy Blogmas day 6! Can you believe we are already almost through the first full week of December? It seems like just yesterday we were smack dab in the middle of summer. And now here we are just a mere few days away from the official start of winter and winding down the end of… Continue reading Home-School Field Trip: Our Trip to the Space History Museum


My Top 10 Home-school Must Haves

  One thing I hear a lot when people find out we home-school is that they don't know how we could afford it. Between curriculum, supplies, and me being home rather than having a second income the math just doesn't seem to add up. Well, let me be honest. Yes, home-school can become expensive. But… Continue reading My Top 10 Home-school Must Haves

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Welcome to Mars Hall Legacy Academy

If you caught my post about Embracing the Positivity last week you know that this school year we are on a mission to focus on the positive aspects of each week. This week I was reminded, simply by an off hand comment, of one area that often gets translated into the negative side of being… Continue reading Welcome to Mars Hall Legacy Academy