The 7 Experiment: Food

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And welcome to the first month of The 7 Experiment. The late fall/early winter season is one that has always somewhat baffled me. First we have Halloween where we start the overindulgence with candy, sugar, and treats. From there we move on to Thanksgiving where we all gather together with the soul… Continue reading The 7 Experiment: Food


Letting Go of Excess: 7 Experiment Intro Part 1

Recently my mother along with the ladies of her church made the decision to challenge them selves by going through the 7 Experiment. This is a book turned Bible study written by blogger, author, and pastor's wife Jen Hatmaker The study takes you on a journey of breaking away from the bondage of excess.Lately, I have been really… Continue reading Letting Go of Excess: 7 Experiment Intro Part 1