New Year, New Goals

Well, it is clear I did not make it through my blogmas goals. Instead we found ourselves deep in the trenches of plumbing issues, winter finally deciding to show it's ugly head, and an impromptu move that none of us were really prepared for. Toss in Christmas and it was just a true recipe for… Continue reading New Year, New Goals

Perfectionist Confessions

Hello September

I love the beginning of a new month. Truth be told, I actually like Mondays for the same reason. I love the idea of a blank slate. A fresh start. The beginning of September also tends to bring with it the beginning of a new season. September 1st tends to mark the first unofficial day… Continue reading Hello September

Goal Setting

Setting Goals for 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! To be honest I am really shocked at how quickly and yet how slowly 2018 went by. The year as a whole was hard. For my family it started in a valley and it really took until about the middle of the year before we even started to climb back up to… Continue reading Setting Goals for 2019