Replant Reality

Replant Reality: A Replant Pastor Wife’s Perspective for 2023

I love the idea of looking up and realizing how much growth and beauty has taken place through no power of our own but on through the miraculous work of God. Sure, we have to put our feet to the pavement and dig in but it is only through God that this replant process will truly be successful. And that is my prayer for 2023.

Replant Reality

Replant Reality: A Replant Pastor Wife’s Perspective Part 1

Welcome! This week I'm starting a new series. I know, I know. I have done "series" before and I didn't get very far with them but this time things just feel a little bit different. All over the place I have been seeing this saying "Do it scared." The principle behind it is if God has placed a passion, desire, dream, vision, you name it in your heart and mind that even if you are terrified of the outcome, the results, the reception it doesn't matter. You just need to do whatever that thing is and do it scared. So here I am. I am terrified to begin sharing these thoughts with the world. But for whatever reason, I feel like now is the time to really dive in the deep end with some of the things I have experienced and continue to experience as we continue on this "church replant" journey we are on. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and join me as we take this deep dive together.