When Mistakes Are Made

Over the course of my time as a homemaker I have really tried to lean into the idea that I as the mom am the one that more often than not will be the one that sets the tone in my home. That means when things like what happened on Saturday rather than allowing the anger and frustration ruin an opportunity to be loving and understanding I was able to use the situation to help make things calm and resolve the problem peacefully. Here are a few things to think about when things sometimes go wrong.


Open the Curtains, Let the Sun Shine In

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash Last week I wrote about how lonely I have been feeling in the wake of some big decisions made in our country and subsequently the response to those decisions. The constant bombardment of negative energy pouring from one side and the extravagant boasting with little to no compassion coming… Continue reading Open the Curtains, Let the Sun Shine In


4 Reasons Why We Play Pokemon Go!

The interactive game played on smart phones based on a game created for the Gameboy way back in 1995 has taken the world by storm. Pokemon Go has gotten people out of the house and wandering their neighborhoods in search of virtual creatures.The History Behind Pokemon There have been several stories behind where the world of… Continue reading 4 Reasons Why We Play Pokemon Go!