I have a cabinet full of coffee mugs and tea cups. I have them placed all around my house as useful decorations. Some have cute pictures on them, some have words printed across the front, and some are just plain, functional cups.

I tend to go through phases where I will latch on to one particular mug and that will be the one I use for every glorious cup of hot tea that I drink in the mornings while I get my day started.

Recently it has been this one:

I got this one at our church’s ladies retreat back in April. I have used it off and on but over the past few weeks this one has been my go to for my morning cup of tea. I love the size and the shape because it is easy for me to wrap both of my hands around.

But the real reason that I like it is because as I sit down to read my Bible, go over my schedule in my planner, look at kids lesson plans, or whatever else I might need to do first thing in the morning I am able to have this gentle reminder to INSPIRE. defines the word inspire in this manner

“To fill (someone) with urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative”

 I want to inspire.

I want to inspire my children to learn and to grow.
I want to inspire my husband to be the best of himself that he can be.
I want to inspire my friends and my family to live the life they were designed to be living.
But I don’t want the inspiration to come from me.
I want to be the type of person that other people see and they think to themselves “I want what she has” because of the life that I am living through Christ.
I want others to see that no matter what life might throw my way I have the hope of eternity in my Lord. 
I want them to stop me when things are getting hard and ask “How can you have such a good attitude about this?” or “How do you do it?”
I want them to ask these questions so I can say “I DON’T” 
Only Jesus Christ through me makes the hard times a little less hard to walk through. Only Jesus Christ through me makes the sun shine brighter each day. It is only through Jesus that I am able to get up in the morning and put my feet on the ground. 

What I want my kids to know

These are the lessons I want to tech my children. I want to inspire them to find their own fulfillment in Jesus Christ. I want them to watch me deal with real life situations and always turn back to the promises of God before relying on the broken promises of man. 
I want to inspire my children to be the people that GOD intended them to be and not fall victim to the falls impressions of the world. 
I want to inspire my son to be a man of honor and integrity. I want him to know what it means to trust God fully and completely. I want him to want to be in the light each and every day.
I want to inspire my daughter to be a woman of grace and beauty. I want her to know that her worth is found in Jesus Christ and not in the latest hair, make up, or clothing trends. I want to inspire her to run so fast toward Jesus that the right man for her has to run hard and fast to catch up.
I want to inspire our children to allow our family to be our grandest adventure.
And I want this inspiration to come not from the things I am doing but from the way Christ is shining through me.

What I want Dusty to know

I want to inspire Dusty to be the leader that God has designed him to be. I want to inspire him to continue to study and grow in God’s word. I want him to be so fired up he can’t wait to teach and train our children in all the things God has to offer. I want to come along side him in life and be his biggest champion and his best friend. I want to be the helper to him that I was designed and called to be.
And I want it all to be Christ living through me!

What I want my friends and family to know

I want to inspire my friends, family, and anyone else who is watching me to be better. I want people to want to be a better version of themselves today than they were yesterday. I want people to know that if they have dreams or aspirations I will do everything I can to help them achieve those dreams or meet those goals. I want to inspire creativity and adventure. And I want Christ to shine through all the more for it. 
Inspiration can and most often does come in many different ways. My desire is that no matter who might be watching I am able to inspire them. My prayer is to live my life so that in each and everything I do Jesus is shinning through and it will be for that reason only that  others around me are inspired too.

What inspires you? How do you want to inspire others?


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