My Mom

Photo credit: Jonathan Holmes aka Dad
In just one month I will be turning 30 years old. I have managed to live and make it through high school, college, getting married, and bringing 2 kids into this world. There have also been lots of roller coaster life changes for me throughout all of that. People have come in and out of my life but the one person who has always been there, through everything, is my mom.
My mom taught me how to cook, how to clean and why it is important we know how to do those things. She has taught me what it means to stick things out even when they get hard. She has taught me that words have power, and that usually, the things you say in anger are the things you generally mean because there wasn’t time to censor or correct yourself. She also taught me that once something is said, you can’t take it back. You may feel remorse for saying it but you can’t get it back.
My mom has encouraged me in everything that I have ever wanted to do. When I wanted to play any sport, be in any extra-curricular activity, or take on any new challenge my mom was the one on the side lines cheering me all the way. And if it got hard or wasn’t fun anymore she never let me quit. (One of the many reasons I am still in school today! Master’s degree work is HARD, ya’ll)
My mom is an AMAZING grandmother. Her grandkids LOVE her! She likes to get down on the floor and play with them, read to them, and do all the fun things kids love to do. 
Besides being great at taking care of and loving her family she is an excellent photographer, she can crochet with the best of them, and she is a great writer. My mom is crafty and creative and loves to experiment with all kinds of things. 
She is an AMAZING cook. My love of food stems from her encouragement to try new and different foods. We all know when life gets messy we can find mom in the kitchen. (Which is probably also why my sweet tooth is so bad too!) 
My mom is my best friend and I don’t know what I would do with out her!

Thank You Mom for everything you have done for me! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you!

Here are a few pics of my mom being AWESOME!

Rocking RaeLynn shortly after she was born

Bedtime stories at Thanksgiving

Me, Mom, and Sister at the Art of Homemaking Conference
on my 29th Birthday!

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