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Weekly Goals for January 13-19,2020

As much as I wanted to get my goals for this week posted up on the blog yesterday the truth of the matter is I still wasn't 100% sure what my goals for this week were just yet so I didn't get it done. Pair that with a very long weekend and well, here we are.

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Week 1 Goals (Jan 6-10, 2020)

Happy Monday! It is Monday right? I don't even know anymore. With both Christmas and New Year falling in the middle of the week and both the business owners in my life making the wonderful decision to close their business from New Year's Eve until today the days have all just jumbled together. If it… Continue reading Week 1 Goals (Jan 6-10, 2020)

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Week 1/2 Goals (Jan1-4,2020)

Yesterday I shared that this year instead of making several large over arching goals I'm going to make an attempt at setting smaller more attainable goals on a weekly basis. The propose of this is to feel like I'm getting more actually accomplished throughout the year and maybe feel like I have something to show for myself in 12 months. I had originally planned on starting my weekly goal setting on January 6th since that was the first full week of the new year but the more I thought about it the more I realized I do have some things I would like to get accomplished this week. Thus, the 1/2 week goals for the first few days of 2020.

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Setting Goals for 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! To be honest I am really shocked at how quickly and yet how slowly 2018 went by. The year as a whole was hard. For my family it started in a valley and it really took until about the middle of the year before we even started to climb back up to… Continue reading Setting Goals for 2019