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Fitness Fridays: Getting Back on Track

When we went into “lockdown” I did a pretty big tailspin. Depression hit me hard for the fist two weeks. I was mad that the few trips I had planned to get the chance to go back to Texas to see friends who had become family were being canceled and I was already barely holding on by a thread when it came to my mental stability as it was. Once the 2 weeks pasted and I was able to see that this was going to last a lot longer than anyone of us had really allowed ourselves to see I made some decisions. I made the conscious choice that I was going to come out of this thing better than when I went in.

This meant that I really started buckling down on my food intake and I upped my workout game. I talked about my Refit Revolution challenges a bit and how I was incorporating healthy alternatives into my life. I did REALLY well for about 2 months. I even dropped about 20 pounds and I don’t even know how many inches. I was looking and feeling really good about things.

Then slowly things started to open back up again. Our schedules began to get busy and to be honest, I got lazy. I have a big problem with being consistent, especially if the smallest thing gets me off track. I have often heard the silly saying “If you miss one meal you don’t stop eating altogether do you? Then why do you do that with exercise?” And the truth is, for me, if my routine gets thrown off I will just quit doing something altogether.

So now I am cautiously optimistic that Dusty and I will be getting the opportunity to go out of town for a night in the middle of October and I would like to feel good about this trip. So I am committing to getting myself back on track.

Here are some of the steps I plan to take to get my self back to where I would like to be:

  1. Drink More Water. I have gotten really bad about not drinking enough water lately and I can really tell!
  2. Be more intentional with the foods I am eating. Not only WHAT I am eating but being mindful of how much is going on my plate. I am also going to work on cutting down on my snacking.
  3. Work out 6 days a week. My main “go-to” workout program will be my Refit Revolution On Demand but I am hoping to get some walking in here and there as well with the hopes of meeting my daily step goal each day.
  4. Getting better rest. I have a bad habit of burning the candles at both ends. Due to the nature of one of my jobs there are times I am awake and out of bed by 4:30 in the morning. I also have a really bad habit of not going to bed until way to close to midnight. I am working toward getting to bed earlier and getting better sleep, but I am also recognizing when I need to stop and just sit and rest during the day. Sometimes this means just sitting down, having a cup of tea, and reading for a few minutes to recharge.

Now, I know that all of this is: number one-obvious. None of the things I am encouraging myself to do are new things. I mostly just need the reminder. And number 2: very doable. I just have to motivate myself enough to do the things I know I need to do.

So there it is. My Fitness Friday goals as we begin to move into October. What goals have you set for yourself? How are you working to get there? Let me know in the comments!


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