Married and Replanting Episode 007: Crazy…I Was Crazy Once

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

Crazy is defined as

  1. Mentally deranged, especially manifested in a wild or aggressive way
  2. extremely  enthusiastic

Often times things happen in our lives that we would all define as “Crazy”. They are those moments in time when you look back on the events that transpired or you try to retell the story to someone that wasn’t present the only true way to describe it is..well…crazy.

Ministry is no exception to this rule. I don’t know a single pastor that hasn’t, at some point in their ministry career, had something happen that they can only describe as crazy. They are the stories that start with “Ok, this really happened….”

Dusty and I are no exception to this rule. Over the course of the last 13 years that we have been in active ministry we have experienced some crazy situations. From a puppy rushing into our morning service (probably because I didn’t lock the crate well) to the church treasurer cussing at the pastor in the hallways as children were walking into Sunday School classes, we have experienced a lot. Some of the events that took place made us stop and laugh, some made us cry in hurt, and others made us want to pull our hair out in frustration.

And all of them have effected us in our marriage in some way. Some brought us closer together, some left us too shell shocked to know what to do. It has been a journey and I am sure this is only the beginning. So I invite you this week to grab a cup of coffee (or your favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte), settle in, and join us as we discuss some of the crazy moments we have experienced in ministry and how we handled them as well as how we learned what to do (and more importantly what not to do) when or if similar situations were to arise again.

Ep. 024: Setting Healthy Boundaries The Married and Replanting Podcast

People are relational. That is how we are created, but sometimes it is necessary to set boundaries in order to ensure safe, healthy interactions. The problem is sometimes it can be really difficult to know when and where to set those healthy boundaries. This week Dusty and Elizabeth talk about the importance of setting boundaries both in your marriage and in the ministry. They talk about some of the pitfalls to avoid while doing so also. Setting boundaries isn't always the easiest thing to do but when it is done well and with a loving heart and mind set everyone benefits in the long run. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us as we discuss setting healthy boundaries in all the areas of our lives. Have a question about church replanting, marriage, or just life in general? Want to share a comment about how we are doing or things you would like to hear on the podcast? Send us a message, leave a note on our social media feeds, or leave a rating and review and we would love to discuss the things that will most benefit you in your marriage and ministry.  Follow us on all our social media platforms to be sure you never miss a new episode.Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarriedandReplantingTwitter: https://twitter.com/RpodcastM
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