Friday Faves: Podcast Edition

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Can I tell you a secret? When podcasts first started to become a thing I seriously turned my nose up at them. I thought they were beyond ridiculous. I already can not stand talk radio so my initial thought was why on God’s green Earth would I want to sit, stand, walk, run,-you get the picture-while listening to people talk? And often times TO THEMSELVES??? It just blew my mind.

And then a blogger that I love dearly and have followed for YEARS announced on her website that she would be starting a podcast. I’ll admit I was skeptical but since I had already been on this journey with her (not that she knows anything about me whatsoever) for so very long that I couldn’t abandon her now. So I gave it a listen.

And I will admit that I got hooked. I understood how great it was. It was like listening to the blog so I didn’t have to read it. I got tone and inflection. The places that were meant to be sarcastic sounded sarcastic, the statements meant to be sincere were just that-sincere. So I began to explore other podcasts that were out there, and lo and behold I discovered so many great things to learn about. So now, instead of watching something on TV/some streaming service or music while I go through my day I listen to a podcast episode or three or four…

I know in the past I have talked about a couple of the podcasts that I like to listen to but today I am going to share my current 5 favorite listens (plus a bonus one for all the kiddos out there).

My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

Homemaking Foundations Podcast

This is the very first podcast that got me hooked on all other podcasts. Jami Balmet lives with her husband and their 6 children currently traveling the country in an RV. Here is what she says about her podcast:

The Homemaking Foundations podcast exists to encourage and equip Christian Homemakers to serve the Lord with Joy and diligence within our homes. The podcast is a mix of hands-on practical ideas as well as Biblical encouragement for those long weary days. Join in and listen to get the tools, inspiration, and encouragement you need to craft a Gospel-Centered Home

Read Aloud Revival

This podcast is a book lover’s dream. Sara Mackenzie is a homeschooling mom of 6 kids (the oldest of whom just graduated) that shares her love of all things books. Her goal with the podcast, website, premium content, and everything you can find on her website is to help give parents (homeschooling and non-homeschooling) the tools and confidence to help develop their family culture around the love of reading books together. She share interviews with authors, speakers, illustrators, and educators all over the world. And she reminds us that we are never to young or to old to be read aloud to! Here is what she says about her podcast:

If you want your kids to fall in love with books, and you want to fall in love with homeschooling, you’re in the right place. I’m a homeschooling mama of six, and just like you, I’m often overwhelmed by that feeling of too-much-to-do……not to mention that it feels like every child needs something a little different, right?Here’s what I know: you are the best person to help your kids learn and grow, and home is the best place to fall in love with books

Finding Fit

Finding Fit is BRAND NEW. The three ladies that are affectionately known as ACE (Angela, Catherine, and Emily) are the founders, creators, and genius masterminds behind the dance based fitness program Refit Revolution. They are 3 best friends and business partners who are just trying to figure it out as they go-kinda like the rest of us. Here is what they have to say about their podcast:

Have you ever thought, “How can I fit in?” Angela, Catherine and Emily answer, “Why would you want to??” These 3 best friends, business partners and entrepreneurs share brutally honest thoughts about belonging, fitting in and standing out. They hold nothing back…and apologize in advance. #sorrynotsorry Each episode will take you on an emotional roller coaster, and it’s highly likely that you’ll find yourself laughing and crying — possibly at the same time. Finding Fit is a podcast for everyone…and that includes you!

Live Well Anyway

This podcast is one I recently..ummm…rediscovered. Mackenzie Koppa is the original host of the Cultivating the Lovely podcast but recently, after some life changes, soul searching, and realizing just who she is meant to be, she has rebranded herself and her mission. Now she is focusing on wellness in all areas of life. Here is what she says about her podcast:

Life is messy, live well anyway. I’ll go first! -Formerly Cultivating the Lovely. We all live in the middle of our own type of messy but that doesn’t mean that we can’t live well in the midst of it. In Live Well Anyway, MacKenzie Koppa takes you along as she does just that and shares from her own experiences as well as those of her guests.Listen in for a good dose of reality, information, and humor around the topics of wellness, beauty, style, planning, and life.

And last but certainly not least

Not Another Baptist Podcast

Alright. Full disclosure: I know both of the guys that host this podcast. Not like super well-my husband has that honor-but I know them all the same. It is also the only podcast on my list that has male hosts. This is a podcast for that really touches on all things Southern Baptist Convention related, however, they specifically focus on being in the trenches or replanting churches within a rural context. Matt Henslee and Kyle Bueermann share a bit of what they are learning while in the midst of ministry, interviews with SBC leaders and movers and shakers, and laugh a lot along the way. In truth, the target audience for this podcast is more for pastors and other ministry leaders but I still think its fun to listen to. Here is what they have to say about their podcast:

Not Another Baptist Podcast is a weekly podcast from two pastors in New Mexico in the trenches of church revitalization. Kyle Bueermann (FBC Alamogordo) and Matt Henslee (Mayhill Baptist Church) have a combined 33 years of experience in ministry…and still haven’t figured it all out. Tune in each Friday to learn from their mistakes, laugh at their self-deprecating humor, and enjoy special appearances by some of the top leaders in the SBC.

Ok. So I know I said I was only going to share my top 5 favorites BUT there is a brand new-I’m talking only 1 episode and a trailer out so far new- podcast that is going to be the absolute best thing for families to enjoy together. That is the Hank the Cowdog Podcast. That is right folks, the creators of the Hank the Cowdog book series has teamed up with none other than Matthew McConaughey as the voice of Hank. My family has been devoted Hank fans since my brothers were kids-so much so that we named one of our dogs after one of the characters in the series-and that devotion has continued on into my adult life to be shared with my children. On Monday morning when the first episode went live Collin, my 10 year old, was the first person to remind me we had a new episode to listen to. So I HIGHLY recommend you take some time to listen in and enjoy.

SO there you have it. September’s Friday Faves. Next month I will drop some of my fall favorites so don’t forget to check back in. And share what you are listening to in the comments. I am always on the hunt for good, wholesome listening material that doesn’t cause me to be concerned if my kids might be listening in!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


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