Married and Replanting Episode 006: Rest Easy

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

If you have spent even the shortest amount of time in church you have probably heard the story of creation. God carefully crafting each part of the universe day by day until finally, on the 7th and final day, he created rest. God didn’t need the rest. He didn’t need to stop doing the things He, the creator of EVERYTHING, did not and does not require the rest. He did it for us, his beloved people. We were created in HIS image and in that image we require rest and recharge.

Unfortunately, when you spend your life dedicated to vocational ministry rest is very hard to come by. Someone is always needing something at some point. There are sermons to write, ministries to oversee, phone calls to make, people to visit, meetings to attend…the list goes on and on. This is no less true when you consider a replanting and revitalization process. In fact, if you take into consideration the time split that is needed for a replant pastor, having one part of their time devoted to ministering to the congregation that is already there and needing healing and hope while devoting a good portion of their time developing community outreach opportunities to help engage and grow the church, there is so much more demand.

Nevertheless, rest is necessary. No one is good to anyone else if they are exhausted and worn down. Patience is tested more so than normal, anger flares up and words are less thought through when exhaustion is playing a role in the play. Feelings get hurt more easily and guilt piles on top of guilt for not doing the things we all feel we need to be doing.

This week we take some time to talk about the realities of needing rest, not knowing when or how to find that rest, and what we are doing to try and be more organized and diligent about fitting in all the things we are fitting in. Here’s an insider hint: We still aren’t very good at it. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t trying.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, get a snack and join us in our conversation this week about finding rest in both ministry and marriage.

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