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Week 1 Goals (Jan 6-10, 2020)

Happy Monday! It is Monday right? I don’t even know anymore. With both Christmas and New Year falling in the middle of the week and both the business owners in my life making the wonderful decision to close their business from New Year’s Eve until today the days have all just jumbled together. If it weren’t for the fact that I still had VIPKid classes to teach most mornings I genuinely wouldn’t have any idea what day of the week it really is.

Last week I talked about my Week 1/2 Goals (Jan1-4,2020). These goals included things like re-establishing my homemaking routines, menu planning (jumping into our annual round of the Daniel Plan), grocery shopping, preparing for getting back into the school routine for the kids, and setting my reading goals for the year. I had big plans for the first 4 to 6 days of the year.

And then the stomach bug hit Casa De Marshall. The littlest Marshall was hit first and I think the hardest. It was one of the very longest days/nights of my life. However, we survived. I hoped and prayed that her little adventure was some random one-off and the rest of the household would be spared. AND then, at 5 in the morning, as I was in the process of teaching one of my wonderful students on the other side of the world the stomach pains hit and I knew. It was my turn. By noon I was down for the count and spent the rest of the day on Wednesday (Happy New Year) and most of Thursday either laying in my bed, laying on the couch, or well…we won’t go any further with those details.

Marshall child #2 was hit with the bug Thursday night just as I was felling better. Friday we saw a small reprieve and I hoped we had made it through with the boys being left out of this party. Unfortunately, Saturday I was proven wrong and Dusty came down with an watered down version of the bug. So that left only the oldest Marshall child still healthy and well. By Sunday night Inhad though we were in the clear. 3 AM proved me wrong and today he will spend most of his time in bed recovering from a long night.

Things I did accomplish:

I was able to get a few of the tasks I had set out todo accomplished during the end of the week. I managed to get our menu and shopping list made and began to construct a basic plan for our weekly household chores. If you remember I talked about Creating a Cleaning Schedule that Works and how I like to deep focus on one room a day with some minor straightening up in the rest of the house during the week. The problem is with a new house and a new layout I am having to re-evaluate how I want that weekly cleaning schedule to work. I also began my Reading Goals for 2020. And lastly, mostly because it just HAD to get done, I got the bare bones of lesson planning done for school to start back up today. I did NOT manage to get my lessons planned and all the things graded, filed, and printed for the next month but that will hopefully happen sometime this week.

Goals for January 6-11, 2020

This week my goals look like:

Casa De Marshall (Homemaking)

  • Disinfect the house from the germs! (also buy stock in Lysol!)
  • Grocery shop
  • Put into practice the cleaning schedule I created and make adjustments where needed.
  • Begin the 1st course in the ‘My Homemaking Mentor’ academy.

Mars Hall Legacy Academy (Homeschooling)

  • Library day
  • Independent Reading Time for all kids (20 minute minimum each day)
  • Plan and prepare for next week before Sunday night.

Personal Growth/Marriage

  • Actually start the Daniel Plan Journals
  • 30 minute walk at least 5 days this week
  • Finish Reading “Women of the Word” and begin next book (or two)
  • Try to schedule a date night sometime this month.
  • Continue to limit media time in the evenings.

A Wise Woman in Progress (My Little Corner of the Internet)

  • Begin to plan next several posts
  • Write and post at least one more this week (Hopefully a review of the book I want to get finished)

New Life Baptist Fellowship

  • Begin membership data base for Dusty
  • Send cards to members and visitors
  • Begin crafting some kind of plan for the kids on Sunday Mornings.

I am excited that I have established my “command center” at home and a dedicated place to track the progress on my goals throughout the week. I am already seeing through this process of setting smaller weekly goals where I am consistent and where I need focus more. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.