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Week 1/2 Goals (Jan1-4,2020)


Yesterday I shared that this year instead of making several large over arching goals I’m going to make an attempt at setting smaller more attainable goals on a weekly basis. The propose of this is to feel like I’m getting more actually accomplished throughout the year and maybe feel like I have something to show for myself in 12 months. I had originally planned on starting my weekly goal setting on January 6th since that was the first full week of the new year but the more I thought about it the more I realized I do have some things I would like to get accomplished this week. Thus, the 1/2 week goals for the first few days of 2020.

Casa De Marshall (Homemaking)

As I mentioned yesterday, we had an impromptu move from my mom’s house into the house we have been slowly fixing up since moving back to New Mexico in July. There were a lot of reasons why this happened as quickly (and painfully) as it did but I think we are all starting to settle down back into some type of normalcy again. My goals for this week are:

  •  Begin crafting my daily and weekly household chore routine.
  • Catch up on the laundry
  • Menu Plan for the next week and grocery shop

Mars Hall Legacy Academy (Homeschooling)

We are still on “Winter Break” at MHLA but there are things that still need to be attended to on the homeschool front. My goals for this area are:

  • Lesson Plan for the next month
  • Grade and File all the work that hasn’t been dealt with from before Christmas
  • Print/copy all the needed items for the next month’s worth of lessons.

Personal Growth/Marriage

These two are going to work together this week because Dusty and I have decided we are going to jump back on the “Daniel Plan” train for the start of this year. We are both at a place where we know we want and need to make more healthy choices so we are going to attempt to do so together. I see this is both personal growth as well as a way for us to grow closer in our marriage as we support each other on our health and wellness journey. The goals here are:

  • Begin the Daniel Plan (Round 2) using the journals that we purchased last time.
  • Work out a rough January 2020 budget.
  • Begin my 2020 Reading Challenge (more on this one to come soon!)
  • Shut down all social media by 7 PM to engage with my family more and begin widing down for bed time.

A Wise Woman in Progress (My Little Corner of the Internet)

I know I say this all the time but I really do want to establish a solid footing when it comes to this little spot on the world wide web where I share my thoughts and ideas. I have had a lot of good solid plans that all tend to fall by the wayside as soon as one minor bump in the road hits. My goal for the rest of this week is:

  •  Solidify the direction I want this blog to go in.
  •  Plan a rough outline of the next 3-5 posts
  •  Plan and schedule dedicated writing time just as I would any other job.

New Life Baptist Fellowship Church

We are still knee deep in the “What just happened here” phase of becoming the pastor of this tiny church in southern New Mexico. While Dusty has preached in to this wonderful group of people several times since we moved here, he has only been officially leading the church for 2 weeks. The holiday season is such an awkward time to take on this type of endeavor so for now we are just soaking in the blessings that God has already shown us as we settle in with our new church family. We were blessed to be prayed over and sent out by the church we joined when we moved here and are excited to see where a partnership with that congregation will lead. For this short week my goal for the church is to begin to create an online database of our members and their contact information as well as any visitors we may have and help support Dusty as he begins crafting a vision to replant and grow this church to reach the community it has been placed in.

Already, just in the few minutes it has taken me to sit down and work through these small handful of goals I feel like these are all things that can be accomplished. I don’t feel overwhelmed and confused with “Well what does all this look like?” the way I have when creating the big goals for the whole year. Check back next week for an update on how I met these goals and to see what I plan to accomplish in the first full week of 2020.

Until then have a Happy New Year! 20181225_234601_00019218211513919683233.png


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