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Weekly Goals for January 13-19,2020

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Hello Tuesday!

As much as I wanted to get my goals for this week posted up on the blog yesterday the truth of the matter is I still wasn’t 100% sure what my goals for this week were just yet so I didn’t get it done. Pair that with a very long weekend and well, here we are.

Saturday brought for us an adventure into a new world of First Lego League Robotics competition and boy did we have fun. This was not only our kids first year to participate in something like this but it was the “rookie” year for both of the teams they competed with as well so it was a learning experience for all of us. While our team did not qualify to continue on to the state level of competition they did a fantastic job for their first go at it and most of them are excited to try again next year. Now that I know what we are working with I am excited to get in there and get busy helping them to be the best that they can be next year as well.

RaeLynn setting up her team’s project.
The Golden Eaglets
The Blockheads
Collin in the middle of one of the rounds.

Sunday brought us our first real issue with the church in that one of our congregation members found himself in the emergency room. That left us waiting to see if a hospital or home visit was going to be needed that day or if we would be waiting until Monday when he had a chance to get settled and rested. When you are alerted to a member of your church family being in the hospital just an hour or so before service is to begin it leaves everyone a bit off. The desire to be where that person and their family is paired with the drive and desire to be fulfilling the duties at church compete with each other and it can truly leave a person drained. In this case, after a long night with little sleep our dear brother made the decision to go home and rest after being released from the hospital so Dusty took some time to visit with him on Monday.

With all the chaos and activity of the very short weekend, Monday became catch up day. Groceries had to be purchased, forgotten chores had to be done, and lesson planning needed to be handled.  The good news is we now have internet service at our new home so getting some school things in particular taken care of can now be accomplished much easier.

This week my goals are fairly light as I am kinda in what I call ‘catch-up’ mode with a lot of things. Chores, laundry, other various tasks that have been neglected. This week focuses on getting all of that back on track.

Goals for January 13-19, 2020

Casa De Marshall (Homemaking)

  •  Get the kids laundry caught up (the Never Ending story for adults)
  •  Get the second bedroom cleaned out (move my mom’s things to storage and get our things out of storage and begin unpacking.)
  • Continue to work on and adjust the cleaning schedule to find a good groove.

Mars Hall Legacy Academy (Homeschooling)

  • Get back into the full subject routine.
  • 30 minutes of quiet reading time each day.
  •  Complete at least one  of the science activities this week rather than looking them up online.

Personal Growth/Marriage

  •  Continue with week 2 of the Daniel Plan, This includes tracking my meals to be more diligent with what I am putting into my body each day.
  •  Focus on drinking enough water throughout the day.
  •  DDP Yoga following the plan in the guide book with Dusty. Walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes on the off days.
  •  Spend time connecting with Dusty in some way each day.
  • Read 30 Minutes/day out of at least one of my books.

A Wise Woman in Progress (My Little Corner of the Internet)

  •  Write one more post this week (My weight-loss journey)
  • Continue my “photo a day my way” Instagram posts

New Life Baptist Fellowship

  • Work with Dusty to begin developing a plan for community outreach
  •  Begin rearranging the side room of the church for children/nursery usage

There they are. Like I said above, this week feels a little light on the goals to get accomplished which I think is fine. Not every week is going to entail some big grand activity. Some times just getting out of bed and surviving is the goal and that is ok.

What goals do you have set for this week? Anything exciting happening? Let me know in the comments so I can celebrate with you or pray for you or maybe even both!



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