POST 100!! And how I broke up with TV.

WOW!! I can’t believe that this is my 100th post. Now for some that may not mean much but for me it is exciting that this little corner of the internet is still going strong. Ok..well..maybe not strong but I am getting there.

A few years ago my husband and I made the decision to do away with cable television. Now I will tell you this was not an easy decision because we are both HUGE sports fans and we enjoy watching a good game of football, basketball, or baseball together. Of course the best way to watch these types of things is in person, but since that is a bit costly we took what we could get on TV.

The alternative that we choose to go with was Netflix and we have loved it. And recently with all the great Netflix original shows and movies it has been like we never gave up anything at all (other than the sports). We also took a spin with Hulu for access to current seasons of some of the shows we really enjoyed watching. Again, we have really liked having both the services.

We have had both of these for a few years and things have been going wonderfully. But over the last few weeks I really began to notice how much time I was spending watching TV rather than being productive. I also realized that I have a tendency to become WAY to invested in the fictional characters lives that I was watching. I also took on personality traits of the characters that I like and that isn’t always a good thing.

So last month I made a decision to watch less TV. But that also meant that I needed something to fill in the silence when I am cleaning, cooking, and most of all…FOLDING LAUNDRY.

One thing I have started to do during those times is listening to Christian homemaking podcasts. I have really been enjoying listening to women who are currently in the same place in life that I am in as well as women who have been doing this for more than 20 years. I find that even though I can’t be right in the same room with these women and that I don’t know them as a personal friend I feel like the Titus 2 model is being carried out.

Here are two that I just LOVE:

Homemakers By ChoiceFor more than 25 years Donna Otto has shared inspiration and practical wisdom. She is an Author and founder of Homemakers By Choice, a national organization which offers weekly teaching for a new generation of “counter culture” women who have made the choice to stay at home. To hundreds of young homemakers, Donna has been the wise, fun, Godly Aunt every young woman wishes she had. Each teaching session encourages women in their role as a woman, wife, mother, and keeper of the home.

The Homemaking Foundations PodcastThe Homemaking Foundations podcast exists to give you the tools, inspiration, and encouragement that you need to craft a Gospel-Centered Home! Join Jami, author behind, as we explore various aspects of homemaking including Biblical womanhood, marriage, healthy living, organizing, cooking, and so much more! If you feel like your home is out of control – or if you ever feel overwhelmed in your role as homemaker – then join Jami each week as she interviews other homemakers and provides Gospel-Centered encouragement for bringing Glory to God every day within our homes.

Both of these great Podcasts help to take my mind and my attention away from the distractions that today’s television.

In the evenings I still watch a bit of television with my husband as that is what he likes to do as a way to unwind and for us to spend some quality time together after the kids go to bed. However, the time we spend in front of the TV in the evenings is significantly less than what is has been in the past. Now, once we are done with one episode of something we spend time talking, reading, or we head to bed early for a decent night’s rest.

What Podcasts do you listen to? How do you pass the time while cooking or cleaning? Let me know in the comments.


16 thoughts on “POST 100!! And how I broke up with TV.”

  1. Yay on post 100! We gave up cable/satellite in 2008 and haven't looked back. We do have Netflix but we don't watch it too much. I am a documentary person so I will watch a documentary or two, but for me I watch 119 ministries on Youtube, Jim Staley, and then a few vloggers that share a window to a place in the world that I would never see otherwise.


  2. Thank you for sharing…I probably need to listen to more homemaking encouragement. We used to watch a lot of TV in the evening, too. Lately we've started going to bed and reading together.


  3. Congrats on your 100th post! I love reading your blog…my hubby is in school currently and will go onto seminary after that…so I love reading from someone going through it!


  4. That is so cool. I can't wait until I get to 100 posts. Congratulations also on reducing your tv time. I listen to audio books when cleaning. I can't wait to check out these podcasts.


  5. Congratulations on your 100th post! We don't have TV either and I usually listen to my 6 kids talking/laughing/singing/yelling/fighting while I'm doing chores. Or I just enjoy silence (like that ever happens.) But if I do turn on something it's often a talk from General Conference, which I guess is pretty much like a TED talk from the leaders of my church on different spiritual topics. We have 8 hours of General Conference twice a year, every year, so there's PLENTY of material for me to listen to!#SHINEbloghop


  6. Elizabeth,Thank you for your humility. When you first said you got rid of the television, I was surprised to see you say you replaced it with Netflix as that seemed to be more of a horizontal move that wouldn't really change the situation much if you know what I mean. So I appreciated your humility in sharing that was the case. I can imagine how Netflix could be as addictive (or more addictive) than cable television. Since this was almost a year ago, I'm wondering how things are going now?


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