Writing through October

It has been several months since I took the time to sit down and really write out my thoughts. Between finishing up a very busy semester in school, the birth of a new baby, and lots of other things that have been taking up our time I have found that I really miss writing. However, over the last few days when I sit down to write I find that I am drawing a blank for topics,

So when I was scrolling through Pinterest and this image for October writing prompts popped up I decided I would give it a shot. Maybe if I can get consistent with a little bit of help the word will come back to me.

Blog Prompt Day 1: My Goals for this Month

So here we go. One of my big goals for this month is to get back into writing. I really enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts with others. I often find that when I go for a long time without “brain dumping” I get lost in my thoughts and find it hard to focus.
Another big goal I have is getting back into my daily quiet time routine. I have started a new Bible Study with a discussion group on Facebook and I am really taking the time to dig back into the Word of God and spending time in prayer and meditation. More than just my quick prayers for patience, peace, and calming when dealing with my crazy kids!
And my third goal for the month is to get back into the routines that I had set within my homemaking. Of course some things are having to change a little bit with the new baby here but now that she is just over 6 weeks old I am finally able to see where we can adjust and still get things accomplished on a daily basis. Meal prepping, daily and weekly chores, and the big kids taking on more responsibility have all started to fall back into place.
And lastly, I am hoping to get back into a light exercise routine. I was fairly overweight when I got pregnant and this time I am hoping to get back into a consistent exercise routine and dropping more than just the baby weight. 
There we have it, folks! My goals for October. 

What are your goals for October? What are you going to do to meet those goals?


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