Fall in Fort Worth And What I am Watching

Fall. A time marked by the changing colors of the leaves, pumpkin spice everything appearing on store shelves, shorter days, and cooler temperatures. Unless you live anywhere in the Southern part of the United States.

September 22nd was the “official 1st day of fall” but here in North Texas it still looked ad felt like mid summer.

That’s the problem with living in Texas—We have 1 maybe 2 seasons. We have hot and the occasional cold day around mid January to early February. But we don’t ever really get a “Fall” season.

Sure we get some cooler temps once the sun goes down but even now, it is 9 PM on October 5th and it is still 87 degrees outside. Day time, while we aren’t getting to the triple digits, we are still seeing high 80’s and low 90’s on our temperature gauge.
However, just because it doesn’t really feel like fall, that doesn’t mean that I can’t treat it as such. One of my favorite fall evening activities is sipping on a good cup of hot tea and watching some of my favorite things. 
Currently, I am re-watching through NCIS. I am actually several seasons behind where the show is at currently but I couldn’t remember exactly where I had left off so I made the decision to just start back from the beginning. 
When my awesome hubby is home, and we have a spare minute or two, he and I have been watching through Star Trek Enterprise as well. To be honest we were never big Star Trek fans but for some reason that show has caught our attention. It’s kinda sad to me that we haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and watch anything together since Madilynn was born. Hopefully we will be able to get back at it soon now that she is finally falling into more of a regular sleeping schedule. 
Fall can be a busy time of year with school, holidays, and any other number of activities so it’s always nice to be able to slow down a little, enjoy some tea, and just relax!

How does fall feel where you are at? And what are you watching lately? Share with me in the comments. 


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