Mars Hall Weekly Round Up Week 2

I’m going to begin this by stating that I am NOT a fan of Monday holidays. It really just throws everything off completely and makes staying on track with things so difficult. With that being said I will say that even with it being a short week things went pretty well over all.


This week for kindergarten we began our first official letter/unit study. This week Madilynn learned the letter “Ss” and we focused on learning facts about the sun. Each week the schedule is the same each day. We begin each day with the calendar, our 100 chart counting to 100 days of school and a discussion about the season and the weather.

Once we are through the calendar portion we move on to the letter of the week. This week Madilynn practiced tracing the letter, saying the name and the letter sound, and learned how to write the letter. She also practiced identifying pictures of things that begin with the letter “Ss”

Along with the letter introduction there is number introduction. This week Madilynn learned the number 1. She practiced writing it at the bottom of the letter hand writing page, practiced drawing a picture of one item. As the year progresses the number activities will become more challenging but for this week it was simple and fun.

Once we get done with the letter work we move on to the unit theme. We read a few fun books about the sun and then Madilynn finger painted a fun sun picture, we sang songs about the sun, and we did an experiment with what it is like between walking in the dark and walking in the bright sun.

This week was short but we had a good time learning about the sun and the letter “Ss”

5th/7th Grade

This week was pretty busy when it came to the bigger kids school stuff. Since we had Monday off we really only had 2 days for our group work lessons, which means that we had to combine two days of work on Tuesday and two days of work on Thursday.

In Bible this week we continued our work through our devotion book. We also began incorporating memory verses this week. Each week they will be introduced to a new verse, practice writing the verse, then be tested on it at the end of the week. This week’s verse was 1 John 3:1.

This week for history we continued our lessons on the states. We went through the map labeling the eastern states, the middle states, and the pacific states. Now that our map is completed we will be moving on to more in-depth history lessons.

In science we finished out lesson on the properties of matter. We even conducted a fun experiment on density involving water, food coloring, salt, and straws. The kids had fun seeing how the water wouldn’t blend together due to the amount of salt in the different colors of water.

Independent work had Collin focusing on his ability to read short stories and summarize them well. RaeLynn and Freyja continued their practice of following instructions, writing more complex sentences, and self-reflection on the work they had done over the course of two weeks. In math, Collin continued his lessons on exponents and variables, RaeLynn continued her work on angles and Freyja finished her unit on simplifying addition and subtraction problems.

Extra Activities

This week we also continued our practice of Wednesday park day. We have been having some trouble with our van so we are down to one vehicle and Dusty had it at work so this week we walked to the park. It’s less than a mile, under 15 minutes, to walk there and it was a nice day so we had a good time walking there and home. There are also several Pokemon Go stops along the way so we had a fun few minutes checking those out as we went as well.

And then on Thursday we began incorporating a new elective to our lessons. One thing that I think is very important is learning how to type properly considering everything is so technology based. A year ago I purchased the Good and the Beautiful’s Typing program. This program only requires the small booklet, a computer, and a word processing program. This week we completed the introduction, lesson 1 and lesson 2. It is my hope that as we go through the program and perhaps the other typing lessons they will develop the skills they need to be able to type well when they get into the high school and then whatever happens after high school.

I am looking forward to next week when we can be back on our regular routine next week and not having to rush our way through our lessons.


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