Spring 2015

It’s that time again. School will be starting up in just one week. This semester I will be taking New Testament II, Biblical Theology of Womanhood II and The Christian Home. I am really excited about the courses I am signed up for this semester because they will all be focusing on my favorite parts of the Bible.

I am also really excited because this semester Dusty and I will be taking a class together. When we were in undergrad we were in the same major and that meant that our degree plans were almost identical. That also meant that we took almost all of our classes together. Basically the only classes we didn’t take together were our electives and the ones required for our minors. I loved being in class right along with him learning the same things and being able to have someone to talk to about lectures and assignments. (Granted it did get frustrating when he didn’t do his homework like I “thought” he should be.)

I managed to finish last semester with an A-, B+, and B+. That means I ended the semester for a 3.4 GPA. My goal is to try and push that up to at least a 3.5 GPA. One of the main things that I did was get a head start on my assignments this semester.

Like last semester I am required to read 2 different types of books for my Biblical Theology of Womanhood course and write book reviews on them. While I like being stretched and learning new things, I am learning more about myself and my personal beliefs more than I realized I would during this process. While working on my undergrad degree I only remember reading one book that just made me 100% angry. And that book was a fiction book that was required for one of my literature classes.

The books that I am reading now are non-fiction, informational books. And while I accept and appreciate the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinions on various subject matters, I get angry when I feel things are being taken out of context to outrageously.

I know that the purpose of this type of assignment it to help us to know what view points are out there and for us to be able to make decisions on out own. However, I am going to say, I just don’t like it.

I have a major goal of not complaining about my work load on Facebook this semester as well. I realize just how whiny I sound and I am going to do my very best to not be that person anymore. Along those same lines I am going to do my best to actually stay ahead of my assignments so I won’t have any reason to become that person.

Here’s to a great new semester!



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