The End of Step One and Summer Plans

Five days after moving to Fort Worth I attended my very first student wives organization meeting. It was where I fist started meeting other women here on campus.

It was also there that I learned about the Seminary Studies for Student Wives classes that were offered. The first class is freely offered to all student wives. It covers a wide range of topics and serves as an introduction to life as a ministry wives. This class is worth three certificate level credit hours.

From there the wives are provided with an opportunity to continue taking classes for a reduced rate. These classes are more focused on individual topics. They range from Basic Old and New Testament surveys to spiritual development of children, and even ministry in the home. After completing 5 more of these classes, for a total of 13 credit hours the student wives can earn a Certificate in Education and Ministry.

I did just that this week. Well…sort of.

I was recognized for completing the program on Wednesday during the Seminary’s chapel time. However, I won’t actually receive my certificate until I complete the last two weeks of the class. I also have to complete a few assignments.

From now on its just pushing toward finishing my graduate degree.

With the winding down of the semester, term papers being submitted, and finals approaching I have really been slacking on things here at the house. One of my goals for the summer is to get back into a routine of daily cleaning tasks and staying on top of the clutter. I am hoping to establish a workable routine that I will be able to fit my classes into next semester.

I am also wanting to get back into eating more healthy, home cooked meals. Don’t get me wrong, based on our budget we have been eating at home. Its just a matter of how home cooked the meals have been, and how healthy those meals are.

So tonight I got back to the kitchen by making Manicotti for the first time.

It turned out lovely! Even the kids ate it. In my book that was a success.

I am working on putting together a list of all the things I want to get done during the summer. Cleaning, reorganizing, sorting, things of that nature.

I am also hoping to get me and the kids outside more, especially in the mornings before it gets too hot. Maybe with the sunshine and the physical movement I will be a happier me.

Its time I get myself back into the swing of life.

What are your plans for the summer? Anything exciting in the works?



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