Replant Reality

Replant Reality: A Replant Pastor Wife’s Perspective Part 2

If you sit down with almost any pastor’s wife and ask her what one of the first questions she was asked was when she and her husband went to a church in view of a call to pastor the answer will probably be something along the lines of whether or not she could play the piano or organ, when she planned to begin leading the weekly women’s Bible study, or what her vision for the children’s ministry department happened to be. It is almost always assumed that when a pastor accepts the call to become the new pastor of a church that his wife will be active in some way within the ministry, a two for one deal of sorts. And that is probably true to some extent, however, what that role looks like may not be what the members of the church are expecting.


Episode 002: Expecting Expectations and How To Handle Them

Photo Credit: No matter what you do in life there are expectations. Sometimes those expectations are voiced and made clear and are easy to deal with. Other times, often times the more likely situation, those expectations are unvoiced and therefore go unmet. This week Dusty and Elizabeth discuss the various expectations that come along… Continue reading Episode 002: Expecting Expectations and How To Handle Them