Monday Weigh-In

Last week was rough. I was excited and ready to take on the world with my excerise and diet changes and I just knew this would be easy. Then Thrusday hit and I got tired. Chasing after 2 kids, maintaining the house, cooking the meals, and everything else I had to get done was exhausting. Isn’t it always though. There were several nights that I didn’t even get a workout in until 9 PM. But with the help and encouragement from Dusty I made it through the week. I exercised all 7 days. And with that here are my weekly results:
Week 1 weight: 216.0 pounds
Week 1 waist: 35.5 inches
Week 1 arms: 13.5 inches
Week 1 thighs: 25.0 inches
Week 1 hips: 49.5 inches
Week 1 chest:39.5 inches

So even with my lack of motivation on some days I have to say I did pretty good. The weight isn’t down like I want it to be but there are several inches lost so I guess thats progress.


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