Weekly Weigh-In and Other Ramblings

Fat loss 101: Scale weight is the least important measurement for evaluating your progress!To begin with, I know I’m a day late on my weekly weigh in. I did do it yesterday but things have been a bit stressful around here lately so I just didn’t get time to put it in.

So here goes:

Week 2 weight: 215.0 (yay down a whole pound!!)
Week 2 waist: 35 inches
Week 2 arms: 12.5 inches
Week 2 thighs: 23.5 inches
Week 2 hips: 49 inches
Week 2 chest: 39.5 inches

So progress! I’m feeling better about this. I have really been trying to watch what I eat but since I have a house full of wonderful goodies for Halloween (Thanks Brenda! 🙂 ) It has been a bit slow going.

So onto the “Other Ramblings”

Here at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary there is a wonderful women’s program. There are undergraduate programs, graduate programs, and even doctoral programs designed just for women seeking to go into the ministry. Or to work along side their husbands in what ever ministry God might call them to.

I am currently enrolled in a class call “Wife of the Equiping Minister.” It is the first class in the Seminary Studies for Student Wives program. This is a certificate program that I will be enrolling myself into next semester. The class I am taking now is free, along with the child care for my babies. The rest of the classes are given at a reduced rate to allow wives to get a seminary education along with their husbands. I can’t wait to get completely enrolled in the program and begin my journey to my cerfiticate.

However, I have bigger dreams. Once I finish with this program I also want to get my master’s degree. In what you might ask? Well, the degree program is a Masters in Christian Education with a concentration on Homemaking.


Yes, ladies and gents, I want  to get a degree in homemaking. And with that degree I plan to become an event planner, or an author, or a teacher. I just really don’t know what yet. Especially since that is several years down the road.

So there you have it. My new dreams and aspirations. Luckly, I have the full support of my husband on these dreams. He actually wants me to begin my master’s now but that just isn’t in the financial cards. But one day I will have it. I might even look at getting my doctoate in women’s studies. Who knows. But for now, this is the path that God has laid on my heart and I plan to do the best I can in fullfilling it.


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