New Plans

After I had my little break down the other night about how unhappy with myself I was I spent the yesterday making a new plan on how to get back on track. I know that I have said and done this all before so if this is old and repetitive then stop reading now. But for me I just need to get it out there.

So first thing I needed to do was get myself back to drinking my water regularly. So I have gotten a few of these reusable tumblers. And I have a 64 oz water bottle in the fridge. My hope is to drink all of that throughout the day.

This one is my favorite!

Next I redid my measurement chart. I keep it hanging up in the downstairs bathroom with a picture of my self from right around Collin’s first birthday. It definitely keeps me motivated to get some of this weight off. When I diligently wrote my weight and measurements down each week I looked forward to seeing the number go down. I’m hoping that will happen again.  My printer is dead (like in the trash never to return dead) so this time I had to get creative!

I think the pink paper gives it character!

And lastly for one more visual aid I followed several others on Pinterest. One jar says “Pounds to Go” and the other jar says “Pounds Lost.” The “Pounds to Go” jar is full of glass beads. 100 of them to be exact, because thats how many pounds I need to loose to get into a healthy range.  There are 90 clear ones and 10 blue ones. I will move one clear one for each pound I lose in to the “Pounds Lost” jar. Then when I reach the “10 pound” mark I’ll move a blue one. I’m hoping that seeing one jar empty and the other one fill up will be another motivation.

So there are my first three goals. Of course healthy eating and daily exercise will fall into that plan as well but I’m starting with the baby steps.


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