New weight-loss challenges and an anniversary

As I have posted SEVERAL times, I’m on a road to getting healthier and losing a ton of this added weight that I have been carrying around. Well, I’m happy to say

Me and my awesome sister in 08 or 09

that I am no longer alone in my journey.(Not that I ever really thought I was. Ton’s of people are in the same place I am.) Anyway, my sister and I talk EVERYDAY! Seriously, we talk via Facebook Messenger more now then we ever did as kids and we lived in the same room back then. She saw my post about my newest tools for getting into shape and decided to follow suit. She created a schedule, a chart, and even went with the cool little jar things I did. You can see it all on here blog right here

We have decided that even though we live in 2 different states (New Mexico and Texas) that we are gonna do this together and help to keep each other accountable. Its always nice to have someone there that is supporting you, don’t you think?

So with that I have been trying really hard to stay diligent with my working out and eating right.  I am tracking my calories on and I am doing my best to stay active.

My sweaty self post workout yesterday!

Ok, moving on to the anniversary. On June 28, 2013 Dusty and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. To be honest I was a little shocked to realize we have already been married for 5 years. I know that doesn’t sound like a very long time but if you knew some of the crazy things we have been through you would be shocked too.

Anyhoo, Dusty has been BEGGING to go to Medieval Times dinner show FOREVER! Every time we would travel to visit the metroplex he would beg for us to go. And every time we either didn’t have the money or we didn’t have the time. So I decided this would be the perfect way for us to celebrate our anniversary. (What could be better than knights in shinning armor defending the princess’ honor right?)

Us at the entrance of Medieval Times

Thanks to our wonderful friends we were able to make this little trip into Dallas kid free. Our FIRST kid free date in A YEAR! That’s right folks. We hadn’t been on a date alone since baby girl was born. So there for a while I was a little lost with both hand free.

Photo with the princess!

We sprung for the “Kings Royalty” seating package which came with all sorts of goodies like front row seating, a photo with the princess, and a commemorative program. We even got a special “cheering banner” to wave for our knight. It was amazing. We ended up being seated front row center. I could have reached out and touched the horses if I wanted to! And I wanted to. (Dusty wouldn’t let me. Something about getting into trouble or distracting the horses…..)

The evening was wonderful and A TON of fun. I am definitely looking forward to being able to take the kids with us some time but that will definately have to wait until baby girl is a bit bigger.


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