Looking for Motivation

From January through March I did really good with exercising, counting calories, getting good rest, and getting in enough water. I had even lost 15 pounds and I was feeling much better.  And then I began a class that ATE MY LUNCH!

Between my homework, housework, church work, and being a mommy I didn’t have any time for anything much less working out.  And then we traveled to see family. That was a long trip filled with lots of stress and unhealthy choices. From then on I have tried to get back into the swing of things but I just can’t seem to find it.

I have tried to exercise and count my calories but there are temptations at every turn. Like right now when I have 2 birthday cakes sitting downstairs calling my name. And the sweet tea in the fridge. And the chips in the cabinet.

I really hate the way I feel. I hate the way I look. This is me being brutally honest! But I have absolutely no motivation. You would think that hating the way I feel and look would be enough. You would think.

So I’m in need of motivation. OR figuring out the right time to work out. And the self control to not eat every bad thing I can find.

My plan is to figure out a schedule and stick to it. I hear that it takes up to two weeks to form a habit. So maybe if I can get into a habit of exercising and counting calories again I will get back on track.

Here’s to trying……


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