Why is it that when you give kids choices they always choose the messier option. It doesn’t matter the level of the mess they will always choose the messiest.  Do they have like some sort of built in radar that detects the messy level?
For example today at lunch I gave Collin the choice between an apple or an orange to go with his sandwich.  Of course after a whole two seconds of thought he decided he wanted the super juicy orange. The orange that squirted juice right in my eye when I cut into it. The orange that will have him sticky from head to toe and probably his sisters too.
But I can’t be frustrated (ok maybe about the juice in the eye but thats about it) because I gave him his choices. I can’t tell him no and give him the apple instead. If that was the case I should have just made his lunch choice free. So instead I deal with the sticky mess and plan for an early bath time tonight.
So on another note I’m begining to see that summer is an interesting time around the Seminary. Some families are steping back abd taking a much needed break while others arw diving into summer courses where the entire class lasts no more than a week where all the information you would normally get  over a 13-14 week time period is dumped on you from 8 am to 5 pm for 3-5 days. 
Other families are moving out of the student  housing having graduated and are moving on to their next adventure. While still others are just moving into our little community embarking on this new journey. And lastly are the families who are making and finalizing plans as they prepare to leave for another country, many going over seas to take tje message of Christ to those thay need to hear it.
There is an excitement in the air and buzz in conversation as goodbyes are said to old friends and hellos are being said to new ones. All I can say is I think things are going to get pretty exciting around here as the summer goes on.

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