Not how I wanted to wake up…..

So imagine this:
Its sometime in the middle of the night.  Your in your bed sleeping peacfully when you hear a faint voice.
“Daddy, look.”
Then a god awful smell hits your face like a ton of bricks. Before you even sit up to peer over your sleeping husband you know what happened.
You look up to see your almost 3 year old son standing by the bed covered from head to toe in poop. The bed time accident of the century has struck!
That was exactally how my 3 am went. He had it on his hands, up his back, on his face somehow (seriously gross), down his legs, EVERYWHERE!
As I cleaned up Collin, Dusty cleaned up his bed. His sheets, his favorite blankie, his pillow, all the toys he managed to get in bed with him before he fell asleep. It was a mess!
As I sat in the bathroom trying to get the mess cleaned up without crying I prayed RaeLynn would stay asleep…..ya not so lucky. The sound of daddy moving around and the lights from the bathroom and hall were too much for her.
Mumbling unpleasant things under my breath I went to check on her, leaving Collin in the bathroom for a few seconds, only to find that she too was in need of a change. I was up to my elbows in kid poop!
Finally with kids and beds clean it was time to get back to sleep. Or so I thought.  Collin wanted to talk, about superheros of course.  And RaeLynn wanted to play. Eventually I just put her in her bed and fell asleep on the floor. I have no idea when Collin made to back to his bed but he did.
Not exactally the way I envision being woken up EVER!

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