Fitness Friday:Housewalking and Fitness Trackers

There has been a post floating around Facebook lately that talks about a woman’s plan to get in her daily recommended number of steps by simply walking around her house. While she is folding the laundry, chatting on the phone, or simply watching T.V. she is walking (even if it is just in place).
While “walking at home” isn’t a new concept it is one that I had never really considered too seriously. That was until I read her post. Then I got to thinking. I have a lot of reading that I have to get done each day for school. And most of the time I get it done while sitting in very comfy chair in the livingroom. This way I can get my reading done and I can still keep an eye on my crazy kids. 
However, I think I have decided to make a new plan to walk the kitchen and maybe even up and down the stairs as I try to get my reading done. That way I can try to get some exercise in during the day and still get my work done. If I manage to have time for a full intense workout I will. 

One of the ways people choose to keep track of these types of things is through the use of fitness trackers. Recently the most popular device for tracking their fitness goals is the Fitbit. This handy little watch tracks calorie out put, steps taken, and you can even track sleeping patterns. It connects to your computer as well.

At some point I would like to get myself one of these types of trackers, however, for the moment I am using a Sportline Heart Rate Monitor watch. It keeps track of my steps and I can also keep track of my heart rate when I am really working out.

What do you think about the housewalking craze? How do you track your steps?


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