The First Fitness Friday

Ever since I was 16 and placed on a specific type of medication I have struggled with my weight. The medication caused me to gain a large amount of weight in a very short amount of time. During my senior year of high-school I had the medication changed and I was able to become a bit more active, with dancing, cheer-leading. and playing softball. However, shortly after that I graduated and went to college. It was during this time that I saw what is commonly known as “The Freshman 15” except for me it was more like “The Freshman 25-30”
I became less active and I had a lot on my plate. I am also a huge stress eater. Oh, did I mention I worked in the cafeteria on campus…Yeah, that did not help matters one bit.
As time went on I tried various exercising programs, fad diets, the works. Then I got married and had 2 beautiful children. Taking off the extra weight I already had plus the baby weight has not been an easy process at all.
As I have been spending time here at seminary I have been studying a lot about biblical womanhood and what that really means. I am learning A LOT about what it means to truly serve God through my place in my home and within my community.
One thing that I have come to realize is that one of the main reasons that I am not able to effectively serve God and my family is because I am not living at my best. I know that I am overweight, and have been for some time. But I never really too into account what that meant when it came to my family. I realized that I am not giving them my very best because I am not at my very best. I know that weight is really just a number and the important thing is to be strong and healthy but I can’t help but feel that the two truly have to go hand in hand.
Romans 12:1 says to “present our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God”  If I am continuing to allow myself to not be at my very best an I really presenting my body as a holy and pleasing living sacrifice to God?  I don’t think so.
So that leads me to the real point of this particular post.
I HAVE to do something to get myself to a point where I really am a “holy and pleasing, living sacrifice.’

The plan is this:

For the next 20 days I will be following the “21 Day Fix” work out program (I started yesterday so that is why I have 20 days left)

This work out comes from the Beachbody company. I bought it in November and I have started it a few times to only get a week and a half or so in and then just quit. I am counting on anyone that reads this to help keep me accountable to this program. 
The program comes with a complete set up of workouts, each only about 30 minutes long. Food containers to help with portion control, a drink cup, and a guide book. The program suggests you also add in a daily dose of their super food protein dring, Shakeology
Now the food containers don’t really work with our particular life style and I am much better with counting calories and such so I will do that part for the food aspect. And the shake drink is really just to expensive for us to continue to buy so I will have to back out on that. 
And lastly, for the hard truth:
Here are my starting stats for this program:
Weight 240 LBS
Chest: 41.5 inches
Waist: 34.5 inches
Hips: 50.5 inches
Thighs: 25.5 inches
Arms: 13.5 inches
I will be updating my progress each Friday but I won’t officially weigh and measure until the last day of the program.
Wish me luck!

What are your go-to exercise plans? How do you keep yourself on track? Do you have a cheap and easy healthy snack that you like to share? Post it in the comments! 


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