The Spring 2015 semester began on Thursday fast and furious. The first class I had for the semester was Biblical Theology of Womanhood II. Last semester I took the first section which focused on womanhood in the Old Testament. This semester the focus will be on womanhood in the New Testament.
One of the things that was discussed during this first lecture was the presuppositions that we all bring with us. We all have presuppositions about pretty much everything. The beliefs we hold about a specific topic before any information is shared. This is the case of politics, perceptions of people, and of religion.
When it comes to the content of the Bible we all have our own presuppositions, the things we believe about the Bible before we ever crack open the spine. 
As my professor began to walk us through the list of things she personally, as well as the administration at the school I attend bring to the table I was able to check off each one as she when through them. Here is the basic presupposition list she went through, with a bit of my own commentary added in.

For me I believe the Bible it 100%  true  It is the absolute, complete standard of truth.

I also believe that the Bible is completely inerrant and infallible. Yes, there are some places that make me say, “Hey, that can’t be right” but mostly that is just me wanting things to be a bit easier and go my way more.
I believe the Bible is understandable. Again, there are some areas that leave me scratching my head for a time, but I believe that you do not have to have any level of seminary education to be able to understand what God is telling us in His word. 
And lastly, I believe the Bible is sufficient and authoritative. The Bible holds everything I need to know about this life I have been given and gives me that information with full authority. There have been some that have said that BIBLE could stand for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth and I think that is a great way to describe it. 
Those are the core beliefs that I hold when it comes to the Bible. Luckily I am able to study under professors not only hold the same principle beliefs but strive to live them out on a daily basis. 
There are many other things that I “believe” about the Bible. Things that I believe the Bible is teaching me personally, things that I believe apply to marriage and family, things that I believe apply to social relationships and how to conduct ourselves, and even things that I believe apply to government and politics. But ultimately the number one question that has to be asked is this; “Can I support this position from Scripture?”
As I make my way through this semester I hope to unravel some more of what I believe and how it pertains to home, family, and life in general. I hope to challenge others as I have been challenged, to make decisions and know why you believe what you do. With conviction and passion be able to defend those beliefs with solid evidence and a firm foundation.

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