Lessons from 1 Kings (sorta)

  April was hard. Probably one of the harder months I have walked through in a long while. And the hardest part about it is that none of the "hard" things that happened over the course of those days  have directly effected me. All of the things that have taken place I have been on… Continue reading Lessons from 1 Kings (sorta)


Building: 1 Kings 7 & 8

Half way through week two on the study of 1 Kings. I will be honest here and admit that there is a lot happening in the pages of this book that I never really took the time to pick up on as I went through my Old Testament classes during both college and Seminary. It… Continue reading Building: 1 Kings 7 & 8

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Our Unconventional Homeschool

Homeschooling. Miriam-Webster defines "home school" as to teach school subjects to one's children at home For some people this looks like taking a traditional classroom setting and simply recreating it at home. The desks, the chalkboard, the lesson books and work sheets all done just like they would be in a 4 walled school with… Continue reading Our Unconventional Homeschool

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Developing Spiritual Disciplines

Happy Wednesday! Can you believe we have made it through the first few days of the new year? Here we are starting the first full week of 2019. Last week when I shared my goals for 2019 the first area I mentioned one of the main areas I need to focus on this year is developing my… Continue reading Developing Spiritual Disciplines