Blogging Challenge-Day 2: Get to Know Me.

So if you read my post on Friday you know I’m in the process of trying to get back into the groove of blogging again so I figured a fun way to do that would be to do a bit of a get to know me type of post. So here you go! I hope you enjoy!

25 Get To Know Me Questions:

1. What is your middle name?: Diane. I assume that it came from somewhere important but you’d have to ask my parents what that it.

2. What was favorite subject at school?: In elementary school it was always English/Language Arts. Anything that meant I got to read was fine by me. In middle school it was a toss up between band and my 8th grade history class, but that was mostly because of the teacher more than the subject. In high school it was any class I could take with my favorite teacher, Dawn Rupp.

3. What is your favorite drink?: Tea. It will always and forever be tea.

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?: This is a tough question. I struggle to listen to music often because I have so much noise around me that music just tends to add to that.

5. What is your favorite food?: Currently, it is a smoked gouda pimento cheese spread with naan bread or chips.

6. What is the last thing you bought?: A new flavor of loose leaf tea. Its really yummy!

7. Favorite book of all time?: This one is just unfair. I am not sure how I can choose a favorite. But at the moment I am enjoying rereading Pride and Prejudice.

8. Favorite Color?: Yellow.

9. Do you have any pets?: Nope. I have children.

10. Favorite Perfume?: My favorite is a personalized blend that my mom had made for herself at Disneyland when I was 7 but we can’t ever get that again which is sad.

11. Favorite Holiday?: I love Thanksgiving. It is the one holiday that doesn’t have any strings attached. Just good food, family, and fellowship.

12. Are you married?: I sure am. We have been married for nearly years. We have been together for just over 17 years.

13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: I have been out of the country one time. I went to Mexico on a cruise when I graduated from high school

14. Do you speak any other language?: I do not. But I really wish that I did.

15. How many siblings do you have?: I have one younger sister and two younger brothers.

16. What is your favorite shop?:  Anywhere I can get good tea or pretty beads for my projects.

17. Favorite restaurant?: There is a local Mexican food restaurant here in town called Si Senior and I JUST love it.

18. When was the last time you cried?: Probably yesterday. I cry almost daily. Its just who I am.

19. Favorite Blog?: The Everyday Homemaker is one of my very favorites!

20. Favorite Movie?: Princess Bride hands down all of the time.

21. Favorite TV shows?: Currently it is Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Discovery. But I also really enjoyed Shadowhunters, Covert Affairs, How I Met Your Mother, and Scrubs.

22. PC or Mac?: PC because that is all I have ever used.

23. What phone do you have?: Samsung Galaxy S9

24. How tall are you?: 5’5 or so.

25. Can you cook?: Yep. I love cooking. And my family usually appreciates it as well. But not always.

I hope that these questions helped you get to know a little bit more about me! I’d love to know more about y’all! So pick some of your favorite questions from this and let me know about you in the comments below! Thanks for reading!!!


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