30 Day Blogging Challenge-Day 3: Everything You Say Is Wrong Day

While I was in seminary one of the things that I did was sell totes, purses, and home organization bins for a company called Thirty One Gifts. During the course of this time one of the things that I did was run a private Facebook group and business page where I would post deals, sales, and products as well as encourage friends and family that had joined the group to make purchases throughout the month. While the main purpose for the group was to peddle my wares, so to speak, I also liked to shake things up with some games, fun facts, and occasionally the inspirational quote. As I was working on finding new and fun things to add to my “customer group” I stumbled upon the “National Day Calendar” Facebook page. On this page they share each day a different and often times ridiculous theme or two that can be celebrated.

Even though I am no longer in direct sales I still follow the National Day Calendar because sometimes some of the days are pretty amusing. It was this page that was one of the first things that popped up in my news feed this morning and I learned that today is “Everything You Think Is Wrong Day” and I will be honest, after the last several months of living I think this is probably the most accurate day to be celebrating in my life.

The website states that on March 15th decisions probably shouldn’t be made because according to the individual who founded the day all opinions are most likely wrong and that no conversation should begin with the words “I think” because most likely whatever it is you are about to say will be very wrong.

In attempt to avoid any traps on this day I am making the decision to not make any decisions, but more than likely this is the wrong thing to be doing so maybe tomorrow I will just have to suffer through those consequences.


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