Bubble busted

Today was a great day! I mean it was really good.

I woke up a little late but still had enough time to do everything that I needed to do before I had to leave for class. Walked to campus in the dark BTW since the sun wasn’t up yet. Yes, that’s how early I go to class. Enjoyed watching the sunrise during my class as I listened to the professor and another student talk in circles saying basically the same thing.

Came home to the kids just waking up and daddy working on getting them dressed. Took over the task of dressing and feeding the kids as Dusty got himself ready for work. Breakfast eaten, hubby to work, kitchen cleaned up, and kiddos playing quietly all done within half an hour. I was ahead of schedule for once in my life. It was awesome.

I took some time to sit and work on my testimony since I had volunteered to share it in class tonight. Gathered things up when it was time and headed back to campus, this time with some friends, for the weekly food line. There the kids behaved, I got several food items we could use this week, and had time to visit with friends from the campus.  As we were finishing up baby girl fell asleep in the stroller so the walk home was pretty easy. Brother even sat in his seat like he was asked to do and didn’t complain once.

Once we got home the kids went down for a nap, I finished my testimony and spent a few minutes working on some reading. Kids woke up and play time began. Then time to fix dinner (which was leftovers so that part was quick and easy). Dinner eaten, kids cleaned up and dressed for childcare, kitchen cleaned up, dishwasher ran, and extra food put away. All done with 30 minutes to spare.

Instead of just sitting on my behind staring at the T.V. I decided to be productive. I went ahead and made up the bulk of Dusty’s lunch for work tomorrow, set up the coffee maker so all I have to do is switch it on, and had the kids help me clean up the living room. Things were going pretty smoothly. I was starting to feel like I might have found some vague light at the end of the tunnel.

 Then the bubble began to bust. While getting the kids into the day care center, for a brief moment in time, I thought that things might go easy with sister. She was laughing and having a grand time until we turned down the hallway and headed toward her classroom. Then she lost it. Clinging on, screaming, and hiding her face in my shoulder, all clear signs she was not thrilled with this idea. And since both the wonderful ladies in the room were already dealing with crying children the only option was to put her on the floor and run out as fast as humanly possible.  She still beat me to the door. Not a good way to start the evening.

Brother went to his class like a champ because, frankly, Tuesday nights are his favorite nights of the week. He LOVES going to “night school” as he calls it. If I could afford to put him into the “Mother’s Day Out” program even for one day a week I absolutely would.  But that’s for another time.

Class went good. Sharing of testimony could have gone better but, hey, no one’s perfect right?

Fast forward to time to pick up the kiddos. Sister had been taken to another class with a lady that she knows well. And in that class she did a good job…for the most part.  Except that she had the wrong sippy cup taken in there with her. Unfortunately, that made things complicated, especially since the ladies in the new classroom had no idea that one didn’t belong to her. When I picked her up I was shocked to see sister holding a cup that didn’t belong to her but considering there were several crying children in the original classroom it’s not surprising that things got a little messed up.  And all in all no real harm was done…except that we can’t find her cup. It must have gone home with someone else tonight. OOPS!

So I’m sure your thinking that none of that sounds so bad. So why the bubble busting happening?

Mostly because it stresses me out. I hate that sister has such a hard time when I leave her for childcare. I hate that she has such a hard time being left in the nursery at church, or with a baby sitter, or sometimes even being left alone with daddy. I hate that she hasn’t adjusted as easily as brother has.

And it makes me feel like I have done something wrong.  Now I know that’s not really the case. And I know that each child is different.And I know that eventually she will get better. I KNOW ALL THAT. But that doesn’t mean that it makes it easy.

Sure I walk out of the room and act as if it’s not a big deal but inside I’m screaming just let me have her. I will just take her to class with me (ya that’s not happening) So, unfortunately, my incredibly awesome day ended with a great big huge busted bubble!



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