Psalm of A Seminary Wife

Books I hate you
hate your claims
upon my husband
hiding there behind your covers
instead of under mine.
Who ever thought that I’d
play second fiddle to a book?

Typewriter I hate you
typing papers
typing thesis
footnotes, quotes,
Who ever thought that I’d be
to  my mate?

Apartment I hate you
hate the room
where babies
and cries
disturbing other tenants
and my huband
as he studies all the time.

Meals I hate you
hate the pennies
I am watching
as I serve
by light of candle
gourmet mararoni dishes
to my educational husband
on the run.

Joy I hate you
hate they way
my husband’s growing
in his knowledge and becoming
educated more and more
while I’m tied to
stupid repetitions
rote of work.

Husband I hate you
hate your easy
expectation that I’m free from al emotion
keeping children
from commotion
so that you
can study all the time.

Tears I hate you
hate the way
you come unbidden
when he hails to hug or kiss me
and when he forgets
to pray or read the Bible unassigned

God I love you.
Are you suprised?
I know I’d be
if someone griped of situation
thought I’d planned their deprivation
when my plan
my love convieved
was for thier total good.

By: Joseph Bayly

This poem was handed out to us in my Wife of the Epuiping Minister class that I am taking on Tuesday nights.  I foud that as I read through it, even after only being here for a month, I could completely relate to the entire thing.  It also helped to remind me that even though, right now, I feel like no one out there can really understand how I’m feelling or what I’m going though I can know that there are hundreds or women that have been in my exact same position before. I am comforted in the fact that they all made it though this time of their lives and became better and stronger for it and all I can pray is that I too will become better and stronger fromt the experiences that are waiting a head.


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