Finding "Me" Time

In the last week I have had almost no sleep. Late nights along with RaeLynn not wanting to sleep has left me a bit sleep deprived. In the process of this I have pretty much let everything go. I was doing very well with exercising everyday as soon as the kids went down for a nap. I was even down about 4 pounds. I also had the house completely under control. Ok, well not completely, but with a 2 year old and a 3 month old at least I could clean up in the evening relatively quickly. I was even having time to sit and read some while the kids were resting.

Well, this last week it all changed. With the lack of sleep I have had a serious lack of energy. With the lack of energy I have also had a lack of motivation. And with the lack of motivation I have also been a bit cranky. 

So, I got the house back in order today. I spent the day putting things back where they needed to go, getting my house, kids, and mind back to the way it was. Along with that I dug out all my scrapbooking supplies, pictures, and my passion for preserving my memories.

In the process of the day I began to realize, that even though I was exhausted, I felt better when things were cleaned up. .It was refreshing to know that when I get up in the morning I will be able to start the day fresh. I won’t have to be playing catch up all day tomorrow.

I also realized that I need to take more time for myself. So starting on Monday I am starting to use the kid’s nap time for me. Exercising and then some type of crafting. I’m looking forward to being able to feel like I’m doing something for me.  Stay tuned. I might even post some pictures.


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