What’s Rockin’ My Socks Off: Gratitude Garland

Happy Friday!!!

It is that time again to talk about what is rockin my socks off. (I know I missed a few weeks! I have been super busy with a lot of things going on here at the Seminary. I look forward to sharing more about that VERY soon!) 
So a few years ago right after we moved here I decided that if I was going to do this whole homemaking thing I was going to really do it up (I still has that June Cleaver/Martha Stewart mindset of homemaking so I was trying to fit into a mold that I didn’t belong in).  I had decided that I needed to be one of those people who decorated for every holiday and every season (read that as holiday and seasonal decor should explode all over my home).
The problem with this is that we were (and still are) living on a VERY TIGHT BUDGET. That meant that I didn’t have the finances to go buy all the materials to make all the wonderful DIY projects I kept seeing on Facebook and Pinterest. 
But what I did have was 2 kiddos, some brown paper bags, LOTS of crayons, ribbon and scissors. 

And thus the ‘Gratitude Garland’ was born.

Now to be fair I didn’t come up with the idea, it was one of those wonderful ides I found on Pinterest. I did however simplify it just a bit.
The last 2 years I have adapted and changed how we did our gratitude for the month of November but
we have always taken the time to really think about what we are thankful for and why we are thankful for those things as we prepare to go into the holiday season. One year I just stuck our leafs up on the door instead of creating the whole garland, and the next year we just wrote them down in a notebook during our lunch time talks. Last year, I didn’t really do anything at all. I was just so busy with school that it never crossed my mind.
This year, however, I decided we needed to bring back the garland. We needed a strong visual reminder of what we are thankful for. My kiddos have a habit of finding one thing and parking on that thing. At night their most consistent prayer is:

“Dear God, Please help daddy have a good nights sleep and a great day tomorrow. Amen!”

They say the same thing, every night, as fast as they can get through it. No matter how hard I try they just don’t want to let go of that prayer. And on the second day of November I realized they were falling into that same pattern.

SO I made the decision to recreate the “gratitude garland” so we can see what we are thankful for
each day and realize just how much we have in our lives.

Hearing my kiddos really stop and think about what they are grateful for and how they can incorporate thankfulness into their lives each day is such a blessing.

So that is what is rockin’ my socks off for the start of November!

How do you incorporate gratitude in your family? 


3 thoughts on “What’s Rockin’ My Socks Off: Gratitude Garland”

  1. I love the idea of a thankful garland. We usually make up a tree and add leaves to it (odd since they tend to fall off the tree this time of year) but there you have it. This year we are writing them down on a journal page with question prompts just t o mix it up a bit but I'm pinning this garland idea for next year. I love it!


  2. I love the garland idea! One tradition we began several years ago for Thanksgiving is we ask every person who is sharing the holiday with us to write in our Thanksgiving journal, of what they are most grateful for. One of my husband's sisters, who was with us last year wrote her final entry, as she passed away just a few months ago. We will be reading her entry aloud this Thanksgiving in her honor.Thanks for sharing this! I'll be pinning it on my Embracing Autumn group board.


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