Heart in Hand Scripture Challenge

I can not believe that it is already November! How has this year gone by so very fast.

One of the areas that I have really tried to focus on being more consistent with (my word for 2016) is really digging in to Scripture. I love reading and studying the Bible but as I got further into my Seminary classes I found that I was spending time reading the Bible only to say I did my weekly reading requirements for my classes but I wasn’t really learning or growing.

Over the summer months I got involved with the Good Morning Girls Bible Studies. I love they way they go through one book at a time, generally one chapter at a time. Each day (Monday through Friday) a new chapter is read, a Scripture is written out, Observations and Application are applied, and a Prayer to ask God to incorporate these thoughts into daily life is said. There is even a great color-coding highlighting system to help be able to see what is happening in each chapter at a quick glance.

This is a great way to really dive in and READ the Word. But I found that I was not really ‘meditating’ on what I had read throughout the day. Especially when the day’s reading was focused on the inheritance of the tribes of Israel found in the book of Joshua. Again, I have just been going through the motions for the most part. Of course I am still learning and growing but there was little thinking on the Word once the kids wake up and I move on to the chaos of the day.

Recently I have started following several new blogs and podcasts. I even wrote about my new love of Periscope and the great people I have been following over there. One of the people I follow is MacKenzie Monroe at Bold Turquoise. She is the host of the Cultivating the Lovely Morning Show on Peirscope and the Cultivating the Lovely Podcast.

One of the things she has been know to do is a Bible study with the Periscope community. And a lot of followers had been letting her know they missed that. I was never fortunate enough to get in on that part of her show but I could tell it was something that really blessed the women involved.

That is why I was so excited when she announced that for this month, November, she would be hosting a Scripture writing challenge. Each day there is a new Scripture to think on throughout the day. The goal is to write out the Scripture passage each day to help solidify the passage in the our hearts and minds. The challenge started yesterday and will go throughout the entire month of December.

I was so excited to jump on board I even got my sister to join in with me. I made my own blank page notebook out of printer paper and a blank card, and I had my husband make me my very own Traveler’s Notebook (a whole post on its own!) to hold it.

Yesterday’s Scripture was Psalm 119:15 and today’s passage is Psalm 19:14

I have also decided I want to start learning to be more creative with my writing and get some doodling/art going in my planner systems so I am adding those little touches to my daily Scripture.

You can find your own printable bookmark with the daily Scripture passages in the show notes for the Bold Turquoise Podcast.

You can also follow along with my daily posts on the Life of a Seminary Wife Instagram Page! I would love to have you follow along!

Have you done Scripture writing? Bible Journaling? Hand-lettering and doodling?


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