A different direction

When I first started this blog I had these big dreams of being one of those people that wrote profound things that would change the world. Ha, then I got to Fort Worth and life happened. Between school, church, Dusty’s work schedule, and trying to maintain the house I was lucky if I had time to eat a meal or use the bathroom during the day. So needless to say the profound words of whatever just didn’t happen.
So with that said I have taken time to reevaluate my direction.  I have decided that I’m just going to be writing what I feel. From now on, during the kids nap time I hope to take a few minutes to sit down and just empty out my head. So for anyone that reads this, here is your warning. I have no idea where this might be going but I can say that it will be real.  A real behind the scenes look at life at seminary. The good, the bad and the ugly.

2 thoughts on “A different direction”

  1. Delighted to see you back at this & looking forward to hearing what you have to say & where it takes us! (Also hope to figure out Google Plus, but not holding my breath on that one!)


  2. The blogs I enjoy the most are the blogs that are genuine from the heart…keeping it real. Most of us will never be famous. Most of us may not write the famous novel…but ALL of us are here and can share a window to another world. We can share our thoughts, our ideas, our recipes, and our journey. As we do so, we can be a light for others. We can live allowing Him to shine in our actions, our being, and our lives.Type on~Type on!Jennifer


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