Why I insist on the kids being in bed by 8 PM

Lately Dusty has been home a lot more. Ok…let’s be honest. He has been home all the time. The new job he is working has him on a bit of a break for a few weeks. He should be going back out into the big bad world of politics soon but for now we get to enjoy him being home with us. 
And I LOVE having him here with us.
However, him being here basically 24/7 has put a bit of a kink in some of my routines.
I am a routine type of person. I am a planner. I like to have things in order and I like to know what is supposed to come next.
One of the areas that we have struggled with the most since Dusty has been home is in the are of bedtime.
More specifically…the kids bedtime.
My kiddos are VERY active. I bet most parents could probably say that about any 5 yr old and 3 yr old. 
My sweet 5 yr old has finally decided that he doesn’t need to take naps anymore. I was not a fan of this decision…but I guess we all get to that point. 
And my 3 yr old still naps during the day but by the end of the day she still needs bed time on a consistent basis.
I have found that the closest to 8 PM that I can get the kids in bed the smoother things go in my world. They are happier during the day, they rest better at night, and things stay consistent and routine for them. 
Now all of that may sound AMAZING (and it is) but there is an even bigger reason why I need the kids to be in bed as close to that time as I possibly can. And that reason is….MY SANITY.
That’s right. My number one reason for is entirely selfish. 
I look forward to the time that I can unwind before I myself go to bed. I enjoy the time that I can watch some form of television that isn’t targeted for preschoolers or full of superheros. I also enjoy just a little bit of time alone, without someone asking me a million questions….or the same question a million times.
Sometimes, I feel like I am putting them to bed too early. Especially in the spring and summer when the sun is up until 9 PM or later and there are other kids outside still playing. But then I remember that I need some time.
I have often scoffed at the idea of “ME” time for moms. I have often wondered what that means. I don’t do well as compartmentalizing my life. Separating my life into different areas is confusing at best. So when I see and hear people talking about “ME” time I just never understood really until I started thinking about the time I enjoy in the quiet time after the kids go to bed.

What time do you put your kids to bed? Do you enjoy some “ME” time every now and then?


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