Making Over My Mornings

There once was a time when I couldn’t wait to get up and going in the mornings. I was almost always up, showered, dressed (with hair and make-up on) and ready to go before anyone in the house was.

Our 1st Spring Break

I was also 16 years old.

Then high school graduation happened and I went off to college. That was when “adulting” started to happen.

I was still able to stay up late, pulling all-nighters studying or hanging out with friends. I also managed to make it to almost all of my 8 AM classes. However, mornings started to get just a little bit tougher.

College graduation and my marriage beginning took yet another toll on my attitude toward early mornings. I began my first “post-education” job and that took A LOT out of me. I was also the wife of a the pastor of a very small Southern Baptist church. I had a lot responsibility thrust on my shoulders in
a matter of a few weeks.

Mornings and I started to become more like acquaintances rather than the best friends we had been just a few short years prior.

We finally broke up completely when I became pregnant with my first child. When I had to make the decision between laying in bed for an extra 30 minutes or fight off horrid morning sickness while I dressed for work I quite easily choose staying put under my comfy blankets for a few extra minutes.

The second baby came along, a move to begin school, and a toddler meant I had to start reacquainting
myself with early mornings again. But we just were’t on speaking terms. I hurt her feelings, she hurt mine…it was all very ugly.

Here we are 3 years down the road and we are just now trying to mend fences and patch things up.

That is why when a blogger by the name of Jami Balmet over at Young Wife’s Guide posted on her Facebook Page that she was putting a group together to go through a course on making over your mornings I was all in.

I took some time to read through her post about it and I was ready to go. I was even more excited to find out the course was being offered at a discount! Can you say SCORE!!!

So here we are, just a few short hours from the start of this course…and I bet you are wondering what the heck I am even talking about!

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Well, The “Make Over Your Mornings” 14 day course is a program designed to help set realistic and achievable goals to help get your daily life a bit more streamlined. (At least that’s what the ad tells me!) Crystal Payne over at Money Saving Mom has designed this course to help others implement a system that works well in her home as well as others who have gone through her program.

So there it is. I am hoping to be blogging my way through this 14 day experience. I will be sharing what the project is for each day, a pic or two of how I am implementing the plan, and how I feel about the over all program. Hopefully I will come out on the other side better organized and ready to take on the morning!

Are you a morning person or a night owl? What tips and tricks do you use to get yourself going in the morning? Have you ever tried a special program or challenge to get you more motivated in the mornings?  Please share in the comments!


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